Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm still here!!!!!

Dear Bloggers,
I am still here. Will blog more in the next couple of days. It will be great.

See you soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

December is soooooo busy!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

How is your December going? Mine seems to be about to explode off of the calendar. It is just a little on the nuts side. Meetings, parties, more meetings, of course a delivery in there and possibly another and more meeting and parties. It is amazing how fast a calendar can fill up with this and that and the businesses that we all get wrapped up in. It just is overwhelming if I stop and think about it.
This week, our family celebrated the birthday of my oldest child. He is now 20 years old. He is no longer a teen and everyone keeps reminding me that he will be "legal" next year. That is not a concern for me. I'm not worried about him turning 21. I just need to focus on the here and now. He is going to school, landed a GREAT internship with NC State and has an awesome girlfriend and has a good head on his shoulders. I love him dearly. It is really hard at times. He is very busy and very social. He has more friends on his Facebook that I can count. He is one of those that everyone loves to talk to, chat with, and discuss their concerns and problems with. He has had more life experience than most and the Lord seems to use that with his friends. How grateful I am for the fact that he can be that person that people trust and know that they can talk to. He is just awesome. On the mother's side, "I MISS MY BABY". I get to see him and he calls and sends e-mails but boy, it's just not the same when you wish he would stay for a weekend and sleep in the other room and I could wake him up in the morning and he would lay on the couch all day or go shopping with me. You know, all those things. He is growing up and why in the world we make it so hard to let them do that. We have to trust them to make the right decisions and when they don't, we have to let them learn and not fix it for them. That is so difficult but it's part of learning. I know many of you know exactly what I am talking about and some of you may not have experienced this yet because yours are still at home and very dependent on you. I am in a very different place. I have one that is learning to fly and on the other hand I still have a little one at home. Yes, I have a 23 month old at home. One extreme to the other. How awesome is that. So, this week I celebrated my oldest coming out of his teens and next month I celebrate the 2 year old birthday. Life is good and God is GREAT!!!!!
I am proud of all of my children. I know that you are proud of yours. Don't forget to tell them on a daily basis. Don't forget to tell them that you love them and how much God loves them. Remind them of the plans that the Lord has for them. His plans are much bigger than anything we can imagine. So, as I leave for work this morning and many of you do the same. Hug your child and kiss them. They are truly a gift.
Kyle, I am soooooooooooooooooo proud of you and love you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! God has HUGE plans for you, just watch and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Update

Hello All,

I am sure that you are stuffed now or you are telling yourself that you won't eat again until Christmas if you are like me. I thought I was going to bust on Thursday but of course today at work when the box of Godiva Chocolates arrived, I did not hesitate to indulge in at least one piece. Boy....was it good!!!!! Then of course I told myself....."No more til Christmas!!!!" Who am I kidding.....LOL

I have not had a chance to speak to "Angel" but I know that when we finally get to talk, there will be a lot to tell about her Thanksgiving weekend. I can't wait to hear and to find out what her next step will be. Some of you have asked how you can help and as soon as I am able to speak with her, I will let you know and keep you informed and up to date on her. How precious is the family of God!!!! Can you imagine dealing with just the circumstances that we deal with every day WITHOUT HIM!!! I can not even begin to imagine such a disaster.

My Delivery Schedule for Mothering The Mother in December is fairly quiet but of course, babies don't come on their due date. I met with a new client last week and then again this weekend. She is sweet young lady and awaiting the arrival of her little girl. There is a possibility of another for this month and should have a firm date on that in the next couple of days. Is God good or what???!!!!! January of course will be busy and that is always a good thing. It's an exciting time and a very nervous time. When the Lord moves and seems to be moving you, it can be a real test of faith. If He says, "I want you to do this" and your immediate response is OK. Then He asked you to do something a bit bigger we often respond "Are you sure?" or we may think to ourselves...."No, He really didn't ask me to do THAT now did He?" of course typically the answer is "YES, He did" and now we have to make the choice whether we will take that leap of faith and do what He asked us to or do we stay where we are, play it safe and comfortable. That seems to be the place where I am. It's a struggle some days and then on other days, I am "reporting for duty", ready, willing and able. We all have those days. I had much rather be "reporting for duty" than to be sitting on the back row with my head down and pretending He is not looking at me to see if I will respond. Mothering The Mother is growing and the opportunities are knocking on my door and I have yet to send out any fliers to the offices that I know I need to. That is what is absolutely amazing to me. It just really blows my mind. He is working and I am just the piece He has chosen to use and far-be-it from me that I can boast in anything that I do. IT IS ALL HIM!!!!!!!!!

In my last post I had mentioned the fact that if I had not attended this delivery with "Angel" that no one would have been there for her. Many of you that read this blog know what it is like to have a child. The delivery that you experienced, whether it was the most amazing time of your life, the scariest time of your life or the most rewarding or even all of the above, you had someone there with you. Maybe it was you husband, partner, mother, father, sister, best friend. You had someone. Now imagine yourself, in full blown labor, scared to death, no support, alone in a hospital room. The nurse comes to check on you about once every hour. Other than that, you are there. Can you imagine??? I, for the life of me,can not even come close. Now, that is what some of the women in the Triad face everyday. They are alone. There is not a family member, a best friend, a husband or partner that is there for them and with them. Here lies the passion. I would love to see those particular women have someone there with them. Trying to figure out what the Lord is up to with Mothering The Mother has been difficult and I am not even sure that I have even a glimpse into what He is going to do with it. I just know what I have watched Him do in my heart and in my life. Mothering The Mother is something that He has created. He is the one that has orchestrated this from the beginning. I only obeyed in what He called me to do. What is next? I have no idea but I can't wait to see what it is. Will He make this a full time ministry? How will the finances work? Who do I need to contact? How do I get the word out to the community and surrounding area's? What is the next step? How do I balance all of the details? Let's just say, That is where HE COMES IN!!!!! He is a God of Detail and Design. He already knows. He has the plan all laid out. He has if figured out. He knows the who, the what, the when, the where and the how. What do I need to do??? SEEK, ASK and KNOCK. Seeking Him, Asking Him and Knocking on The Door. He has already told me. I just need to be the one reporting for duty and READY when He tells me what is next.

Now, I would ask of you.....PRAY and PRAY and PRAY even more for Mothering The Mother. Above all, this is all about Him. Not about me, my family, the finances, or anyone or anything. This is all about Him!!!!!! May He alone be praised!!!!!

In Him Only,