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Thursday, December 30, 2010

400th Post!!!!!!!!

I can not believe it. 
I am amazed and overwhelmed. 
I am shocked!!!!!!
I can't believe that this will be my 400th postI have been blogging long enough to have made 400 entries.  What in the world do you talk about to make 400 post?
You talk about...........
What the Lord is doing
Your children
Your husband
Your Work
Your passion
Your life
Your challenges
Your failures
Your wins
Your everything (not literally but you know what I mean).

I wanted to take a moment and just tell you THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sticking with me and coming back again and again to read.
For those of you that know me well, being a Doula is a passion of mine.  I have shared many stories, words of encouragement and other things that I have learned being a Doula. That will not change here on the blog BUT there is something VERY NEW and VERY EXCITING and today just seemed to be the day to reveal it OFFICIALLY!!!!!!  I chose to shift a lot of the "Birth-y" things to a new blog/website.  It is so much fun creating a new blog/website and choosing what you want to put on it, the colors, the information and all of little details. 
The new blog/website is Ready for the Crescendo of Birth and Beyond.  You can click here and go to the site.  Please go and check it out.  I would love to hear your input and thoughts.  I even set up different "pages" on the website. I felt very lead to do something a little different there.  I thought and prayed a lot over what the pages would hold.  I felt that because the Lord has continued to bless the blessing of Mothering The Mother ,  how could I not share about Him, especially to those who don't know Him.  It just seemed disobedient to NOT share. That is the title of one of the pages. "Where's my Peace?".  I can't tell you how excited I am.

Once again, to all of you who come and visit, read and share in the comments, I can't thank you enough.  2011 is going to be a GREAT year!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks again!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Good day!!!!!!! It's cold outside. It's cold inside. Snow is still on the ground. It's melting and I have a real love-hate relationship with the snow.
I love it falling.
I love it on the ground.
I love it when it's smooth and no footprints.
I love it on the trees.
I hate it when it melts because it may not be back for a while.
I hate it when it makes black ice.
I hate it when it hangs around in the shade around your car and you pray you don't fall getting in or out.
See what I mean?

Did you have a good Christmas? We sure did. It was a little strange because Bo had to go to work about hour and half before the turkey was done and didn't come home until the next night. It was just strange but good. Kaleb has more than he knows what to do with. Kyle got money and he was happy. Amber is home from college so that was most important.

I put away the Christmas light background and the new background is out.
What do you think? I am signed up to run a race in February with Ashley. Neither have run in probably 6 weeks. Time to get busy. I'm going to the gym tonight and we will see what happens. It may kill me but I'm not willing to give up and say forget it.

Thinking about this past year and the year to come.
What parts do I wish I could forget?
What parts do I treasure?
What parts do I remember the most?
There would be books to write. Most important is the fact that the Lord blessed me so very richly and for that I forever truly thankful. This coming year holds some new adventures. Of which I will share in the next BIG NEWS post!!! You do NOT want to miss it.!!!!!!!!

How was your Christmas?
Did you find a new favorite goodies to eat?
Remembering this year- what will you do different? What will you do the same?
Any new adventures for you this year? new goals?

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!
Doula Mama Pam

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 post on one day??? What a shocker!!!!

Well, today has been interesting so far. We were running late this morning and my hubby tripped in Kaleb's room and out of Kaleb came..."Daddy, you fall down?". I am sure he will feel it in the morning but we could nothing but laugh at the moment. Stopped in at the gas station for a quick $10 (that doesn't buy much) so I could at least get to work. Working with an doctor (my Midwife) and get a migraine in the middle of the morning. What a day. What a time to get a massive headache.

Well, I was thinking last night while my oldest had gone to pickup his girlfriends present and hubby was snoozing in the recliner and little one laying in my lap while we watched some show about scary water creatures (he was all into it), what about Christmas?
Have I totally missed it this year?
Have I totally been so wrapped up in this and that that I have forgotten?
What Christmas songs have I been singing or should I say NOT singing?
What baking have I done?
Am I excited about it?
Do I just want it to be over so I can clean up my house?

I have really struggled this year with just being excited and "in the holiday spirit". I think while sitting last night I realized why.
We have been so busy that I missed it.
I missed reserving a Saturday to destroy the kitchen while baking.
I missed going out and getting little Christmas ornaments for everyone.
We made the decision between Bo and I that we would not exchange this year and that has been a major change for me that I have really struggled with.
I don't even have anything wrapped yet because we are so busy.
Can you tell what my New Years Resolution is going to be?
I just need to stop.
I need to slow down and enjoy the holidays and the time together with family.

What about you?
Are you busy?
Have you been to the manger this year?
I will confess, I have not and I am headed there ASAP to get back on track!
Have you missed out on the meaning of Christmas because you are so busy?

It's time to refocus. It's time to go back to the manger and remember. It's time to remember that if we didn't have a manger, we wouldn't have a cross and there would be no relationship.

I'm praying that you have a wonderful day. Refocus and remember!!!!!

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam

A New Christmas Carol

I heard Ann sing this at church. Listen to the words. Can you testify to it?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Will Not Believe What I Did!!!!!!

If you know me at all or know anything about you, You should know that I do not eat red meat. A group of great friends, several years back, decided to go vegetarian. Of course that was kind of difficult at the time because everyone in the house loved MEAT!!! Well, we did it for a time and then we added back in chicken and fish. Eventually, we stopped and the problem was that I never went back to the red meat. I had taken myself off of it for such a time that when I tried, I couldn't do it. It killed my stomach. I couldn't stand to see it, smell it and heaven forbid I try to touch it to prepare it.
Over the years I have tried it every now and then and the same stomach just kills me afterwards. We eat A LOT of turkey burgers in our house. My oldest, Kyle, will NOT eat a turkey burger. So, this past Sunday, I made a run with the hubby to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I picked him up a pack of hamburgers. Real Red Meat in my refrigerator. You would have thought I had bought gold. I am not sure who was more excited, my husband or Kyle.
Last night, I had a meeting with a potential client so we got home late. We walked in the door to the smell of burgers being cooked on the stove by none other than Chef Kyle. He was so very excited. He even bought "real cheese" and "real buns" for the "real hamburgers". I have to admit, they did smell good. Of course Bo LOVED the smell. I told him that I would eat 1/2 of a burger. That was all I could do because I didn't want my stomach to be totally messed up. Kyle downed his and I think he and Bo were both in heaven!!!! I will admit, they were good. He had done a fantastic job.
So all of that being said....yes, I ate red meat last night and believe it or stomach is just fine. Thank you Kyle for a great dinner. You did a great job.!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

Monday, December 20, 2010

WOW!!!!! What a week!!!!!!

What a week. There are no words to describe the week it has been and this week is more of the busy-time of the year.
Tuesday night I got a phone call from a "Mom" that I was working with. She and her husband are just awesome. They were going to try some natural induction methods. No more calls the rest of the night. Then Wednesday night I got a call that she maybe in some real labor. I grabbed my stuff and out the door. Nope, false alarm. I went home and so did she. Rest and just wait.
My Dad came into town and was helping my brother move. We all went out to dinner on Thursday evening to celebrate that he was now a homeowner. While at dinner the phone rang and I missed the call. We came home and checked the phone and realized I had missed it. I don't think I ever changed so fast in my life. Off to the hospital I went.
All is GREAT!!!!! An awesome family has been born. Can't wait for my postpartum visit later on this week. It's going to be great. Of course, if they give permission, I will share their story.

Saturday was a busy day, cleaning, shopping, going here and there. I met with a new possible client and had a delightful time. I received an e-mail later that they had chosen me to be their Doula. I was so excited. They are just an awesome couple. I can't wait.

Sunday was fabulous!!!! We taught our little one's in Sunday School and then off to lunch with some great friends. We have decided to do Kid-Swap for dinner/date nights once a month. Ashley and I work together so we can keep track. I am not sure who is more excited, me or her. It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!! We then went back to church for the Christmas Program. It was just amazing. They choir, the children, the soloist and the quartet. It was exactly what I needed.

Today is more just like it. Work, had a great meeting with Linda from Peaceful Beginnings and then more work and then off to meet another new client this evening. I can't wait!!!!! We have chatted before and talked on Facebook several times so we now get to meet each other face to face. Very exciting!!!!!!!!

I didn't realize it but my link to my other blog, "Doula Mama In The Kitchen"was missing with all of the recipes. I have re-posted it on the side if you would like to visit and become a "Follower". I would love to see you over there. Oh, and if you have something you would like to share, please send it and we will get it up!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great Monday and we will chat again tomorrow. So very excited. I have news to share!!!!!!!!!

Laboring and Celebrating Christmas With You,
Doula Mama Pam

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Monday.......................

Well, I could sit here and whine. I mean REALLY whine about my weekend.
I could whine about
being sick all weekend,
having the aches so bad, that I thought I would cry if I moved
using a boat load of tissues
taking medicines that I don't like to take
drinking enough coffee and tea because it was the only thing that made my throat feel better
having a sick hubby that feel the same way I do.
having to come to work today and be 2 nurses short.

I choose rather to be as positive and thankful as possible for
-having medication to take
-being able to put up a Christmas Tree when the medicine kicked in
-watching Kaleb light up when the lights came on
-watching Kaleb rearrange the ornaments that are within reach that have a "hooker" on them.
-laughing every time he said that.
-that I have a job
-that they called a nurse from another office to help today
-that I have BSF this evening. Best part of a Monday

It's all about a choice.

On another topic, I have a friend that you know from previous post, Tara, also known as "Ta-Ta" from Kaleb's point of view. She lost her Father this past week and had his Celebration yesterday. We were unable to go because we were all sick. So she sent me a message on Face book and ask me to change her blog around a bit and update the background and stuff. Of course while praying for her yesterday morning I was just thanking the Lord that we have such a means of sharing and journaling on blogs and thought that she might need hers. It would be a good outlet of sorts over the coming weeks. He answered that prayer right away!!!!! I was so thankful. I had a blast changing it around this morning. Not sure if she has seen it yet or not or if she likes it. I hope so. This loss was a difficult loss, not just because it was her father but because of some other damage that had been done in the last years. Please just remember to be praying for her and her sweet family over the coming days. I am sure that she would covet your prayers.

Well, we really are short at work, so I had better get busy. A lot to do and very little time to do it in!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sharing A Moment

Isaiah 25:1-5 The question was which of these characteristics has God shown you that you would share with your group. Of course, I had to journal. There was no option. So, here you go.....

God, you are my God and I will ever praise you.
You are perfect in every way.
Your faithfulness reaches to the Heavens
Your faithfulness has seen me through the good, the bad and the ugly.
Scripture says that You have been a refuge for the poor.
You continue to be a refuge for the poor.
The poor in spirit, the poor physically, emotionally and mentally.
You are THE safe place to go when there is no one who we can turn to.
Your scripture also states that You are a shelter from the storm.
You are the first refuge and shelter that we SHOULD see.
Shame on us for seeking shelter in human friends, well-meaning family, books etc.
YOU are the refuge of perfect peace and love.
You are the shade from the heat.
When things can get very heated, no matter who or what did it.
We can bring it to you and you can resolve it and heal us.
You are perfect-

Thank you for allowing me to share my moment.
Laboring and Journaling with You,
Doula Mama Pam

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

M.I.A and BLESSED!!!!!!!

Well, it has been a while and i confess that I took the easy way out and posted a video with a one line. That was a bit on the wimpy side but I have been so terribly swamped that I just couldn't sit down and make a post. There is so much I wish I even now had time to post.

First, if you are not part of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), the only thing I can tell you is PLEASE find a class and jump in. This year has been just awesome. I have been challenged. I have been encouraged. I have been so hungry for His Word and just amazed to read and study a particular passage and then be in a conversation or a sermon and hear the same thing that I am studying or have heard in a lecture or somewhere else during that week or another week. Absolutely amazing. This past week we had the opportunity to "share" on one of the questions but of course, thanks to Peggy and Marsha, I could not just "share". I had to change it to a journaling moment. I will share it tomorrow on here by request of Peggy.

Second is something I have been trying and praying and struggling with. I have literally watched Him move mountains, change peoples minds and literally have to put His hand up in front of me and say "Wait- not yet". I once heard it said that we should not pray for patience because it is one of the Fruits of the Spirit and we already have it. We just have to learn how to use it and put it to practice. Does that make sense? It does for me. All of that being said, I am happy and VERY ECSTATIC to announce that Eagle Ob/Gyn (where I work) will be starting Group Prenatal Care in mid to late January. I had the "Final" meeting with our Supervising MD last night and answered questions and given the go-ahead for the First Group to get started. I can not tell you how much time and energy has been spent on doing my research and gathering information for the doctors and praying, and praying and praying and so wanting someone to understand how much this would benefit our patients. I was so excited, I didn't sleep much last night thinking about all the things that I needed to get done, wanted to do and so many other things This is a huge step for the practice, the doctors and myself. I believe with everything in me that this is about His timing and His only.

So, you may ask yourself.....What in the world is Group Prenatal Care? Well let me give you a quick run down and not bore you with the statistics etc.
Basically, a group of 4-8 women who all have similar due dates get together about once a month at their prenatal appointment and with the help of the Facilitator (that would be me) we will talk and learn about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and child care. We get to know each other, ask questions, go through a "work-book" of sorts, talk about what we are nervous about, and support one another. After this time, they go and have their one-on-one appt. with their doctor. All the appointments are scheduled pretty much for their entire pregnancy and they choose when they come for the visits. This has been found to have better out comes with pre-term labor and birth, more educated Moms and Dads, more empowered for the actual birth process and ready to bring their new bundle home. This is truly one of my passions. I am so very exited to be able to bring this to our practice and one of the only one's in our area that is doing it!!!!!!!

That is the start of much more to come. Stay tuned!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Song----LOVE IT!!!!

I have heard this song on the radio a million times. Have you ever had a day when you were just down? can't do anything right? everything you try fails? This song is just precious. Great reminder that He will always love you no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is more to come...................