Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Music

Isn't it funny how a new CD makes a difference. I got Mercy Me's CD. Kaleb is all about moving and dancing and feeling the beat here lately. He loves it!!!!! The songs are upbeat and just what he likes. There are also other songs that are slower that I just love. There is one at the end of the CD and it just catches you off guard. Very short. Very to the point. If we do it without Christ, it's all in vain........something to ponder today!!!!!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's The Little Things

This past week I was so reminded that its all about the little things.  Something so simple that we don't think will really make a difference and we choose not to do it.  Simple things like....
sending a card
sending an email
phone call
comment on a Facebook Page that says I'm praying for you.
telling someone they were on your mind.
Its amazing.  It has nothing to do with you but has everything to do with Him and sharing Him with others.  We are really good at saying "I'm fine" when people ask us if we are ok.  We may be fine. If we are GREAT!!!!  If we are not, we are being a liar. Yes, I said it!!!!  You are lying to yourself and those that are asking you.  Sometimes we ask people just because we do it out of habit. Sometimes we really want to know because we know they are dealing with issues. 
This past week I was reminded in a huge way.  I was driving home from work the other morning and my favorite morning song came on from Mandisa.  LOVE IT!!!!  Of course it's called...."Good Morning". It's upbeat and I just love it.  It's what I need to hear after working an 8 hour or 12 hour third shift.  So I decided to send it to people.  So I pulled the YouTube and messaged a bunch of people.  Got a response from a few.  As I am driving, my friend with Fibro text me back and tells me how much she appreciated it and needed it.  I continued on to pick up Little Man to head to school.  Just praying and driving.  Another song pops in my head that Mandisa sings and He basically told me to send it to her.  I had to pull over and find it and send it.  It was just one of those songs that is what I have heard her say on her blog and her frustration with her Fibro.  I sent it to her. Told her that it was just for her.   SHE LOVED IT!!!  It was such a simple thing.  It wasn't nothing major. It didn't cost me a dime. It was simple. It was obedience. Had I chosen to wait and then forget, that is disobedience. Delaying and sending it later on would have still been disobedience.  It was great to send something so simple to make such a difference. 
All of this being said, if the Lord ask you to do something, no matter what you think, DO IT!!!!!!!  It's the simple thing!!!!  Don't miss out on the blessing.  So here are the 2 songs.  First- Good Morning.....just a fun song.  The other is "What if we were real!"  Just a POWERFUL song!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


This past Sunday we had a sub in out Sunday School class. His name is Don. I have to be honest, I have known Don for a very long time. He has a heart for the Lord. Please hear me that I love our Sunday School teacher, Tom. Don did something that we do typically in class but with a twist.

Don said we were going to go verse by verse. I thought ok, well, we normally do that. He meant it literally. I mean we read verse one and pulled it apart. We would read the next and then the discussion would just erupt. It was just amazing. That is the way I like to study. One verse at a time. It was exciting to hear, talk, discuss, and hear what the Lord was doing in the room. It was powerful!!!!!! Someone even picked up on a portion written in first person and the other in 3rd person. It was amazing. As many times as I have read that portion, I have never noticed.

I was gently reminded once again that His Word is Alive and Active! It is powerful!!!!!
How do you study? Do you study verse by verse? One section at a time? It was an awesome Sunday!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What A Morning!!!!!

To be honest I would have no clue where to even begin. Today was a day that was nothing shy of a miracle and the power of the Lord Himself. You see, Tonya and I have not been anywhere alone together in years! I really mean like over at least 6 years. If you know us, you know what we have all been through. Well, since we are expecting a Little One in April, she and I had arranged to get together and talk about needs and wants and what she was expecting.

I will be the first to tell you I was a bit nervous. I was somewhat overwhelmed at the thought but excited at the same time. We texted and planned. Today was the day. I had found out about a couple of consignment sales going on and we would need to go there first, then Babies R Us and of course, TARGET!

I picked her up and off we went. We talked about everyday things and we chatted about silly things. We even talked about how we all were feeling being Grandparents. It was absolutely amazing. Bo and Kaleb stopped in and said Hello while we were eating and then allowed us time to finish our shopping. We got some great deals on things she needed. We got a pack of diapers, wipes, lotion, baby wash and just odds and ends. We even found a bassinet for $12. We were both thrilled with that find!!!

We spent about 3hours together and both were tired. I took her to her place. She thanked me 100 times for her stuff and I left. I has been a long time coming! It's not perfect. It's not what I had envisioned 12 years ago but I will take it. To hear it come from her, and I quote...."I will do whatever I need, to provide for my baby" is Huge!!!!!!

To Him be The Glory!!!!!  Pondering His Goodness this evening.