The primary goal of Mothering The Mother is to provide the best possible birth experience for every woman, no matter her race, religion, and financial status. Mothering The Mother is founded on the belief that every Mother, no matter the situation, deserves the best support, both physically and emotionally during this special time in her life. Mothering The Mother also realizes that every birth is unique and no two are the same. In that aspect, it is Mothering The Mother’s ambition to make this event one that you will never forget and want to share with your child and your family.

In setting up Mothering The Mother, I chose to have several options to fit different situations. If you have a particular need that you do not see addressed and would like to discuss another option, please feel free to contact me and we can talk about it.

Full Package- $500- This will include a FREE Meet-and-Greet Session. A one on one meeting with you to talk and discuss what you are looking for and if you have questions about exactly what a Doula does. Once you chose me for your Doula, we will plan at least 2 meetings prior to delivery. We will talk about comfort measures, massage, pressure point techniques, heat, visualization etc and formulate a Birth Wish List for your Birth-Day. Once you are in labor, I will come to stay with you until after the baby is born and breastfeeding has been established. This will also include a postpartum visit with in 4 weeks after your delivery.

Eagle Ob/Gyn Patient-20% Discount If you are a patient at Eagle Ob/Gyn, you will recieve a 20% discount off of the Full Package or the Birth Wish List Planning Session

Birth Wish List Planning- $125- This is a 2 hour meeting with you and whomever will be with you at your delivery. We will discuss comfort measures, fears, procedures and what to plan for after the baby is born. We will pull it all together to make your Birth Wish List for your Birth Day.

Natural Childbirth Classes- If you take my class through Peaceful Beginnings in Greensboro, you can recieve a 20% discount on the Full Package or the Birth Wish List Planning Session