Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angel's Story

First, I was given the privilege of sharing with you her name. Her name is Tiffany. She is an awesome mom of now 3 beautiful children. When I first met her, as I have shared in the past, I was humbled and overwhelmed. She had made a decision that I can not imagine having to make. I was asked to be there for her as her Doula, Professional Labor Coach, and I was amazed. Understand, I have not done a lot of deliveries and am no means an expert in this art yet. We had talked several times on the phone and had met in person this one particular time. Things were happening so fast that we really didn't have a lot of time and that is OK.
We met at the hospital last Friday morning for her induction. I had arranged to take the day off from work because I knew this could be VERY LONG or it could go VERY quick. We checked in and it was just the 2 of us. We talked, we chatted, we got to know the nurses, talked about just about anything. Then we found out alot about each other. She is a strong believer. She loves cooking and loves cookbooks. Well, as the Lord would see fit, guess what kind of magazines I had in my bag? Southern Living, Family Circle, Kraft Food and Family. We talked about food for hours. Now keep in mind, she is not eating a lot of, grape juice, broth, jello, well you get the picture....LOL.
The contractions started. It was great. She was doing wonderful. Back rubs, sitting on the birth ball, massage, tennis ball massage, her favorite lotion from Bath and Body works made the room smell GREAT!!!!!! As the evening progressed, it was getting more and more difficult. I tried things and did things that I wasn't sure were even helping her but I was doing everything I knew that I could do. Finally the epidural came. She was able to rest a bit. We watched TV, talked and planned holidays. She was going to West Va. to be with family for Thanksgiving. She was sooooo excited about that. The Midwife came in about 2am and said we were almost ready to have a baby. She would be back in an hour. She returned about 3am or so and things had gone in the opposite direction. Called in the doctor and found out we were headed for a C-Section. She was devastated. The tears started. I cried with her and just held her. It was not going the way she had planned. She wouldn't be able to go to W. Va., what was she going to do. Please keep in mind, we have had 1 visitor all day. Lots of phone calls but NO one!!!! We discussed that at length and she stated that most of the women where she was staying don't have anyone with them. I was heart broken. That will be another posting. We got ready for the OR. I got to go in with her. At 4:30am, Noah entered the world. 8 pounds and 13 ounces, a football player from day one. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! As I sat next to Tiffany and the tears just rolled. Not only down her cheeks but in the mask I was wearing. They handed him to me and I held him while she loved on him the best she could. I went to the nursery with him and took pictures while they measured, weighed and gave him his first bath. He was gorgeous
She finally made it to her room about 7:30am. All she kept saying was she didn't think she could do it. She wanted to keep him. At the same time, she felt that is what was being required of her and she didn't know what else to do. I got her settled in her room, and I came home to sleep about 9:30am. I had told her I would come and visit that evening and see how it was going. She wanted to see Kaleb and tell Bo thank you for letting me be there with her. It was precious. We visited and talked and we left. I could just sense that something was happening and things were changing but I couldn't say anything or put my finger on it. Sunday about 3pm I called her. There was so much excitement in her voice. Something was different. Her pastor and his wife had come by to see her. SIT DOWN FOR THIS PART..... they had taken up a love offering for her and the kids, there are also 2 people in the church that have offered to help her. One wants her and the kids to come and stay with them until she gets on her feet, the other runs an apartment complex and has offered her a place to live, RENT FREE for a period of time. On top of that she had spoken with her adoption counselor and told them that she wanted to keep her baby and her response was "I prayed for you this morning at church that you would make the right decision". I was blown away. I wanted to shout from the roof tops. I was soooo excited. I made it to see her that night. Little Noah dressed in the only outfit that she had purchased. He was just precious. We talked more and then her parents called. She had told them yet and was a little nervous about it. I stayed to offer support and when she got off the phone, she was thrilled. They were fine. She understands that this is going to be difficult and that there are a lot of fine details that have not been taken care of yet.

Bo had told me to invite her and the 2 little ones over for Thanksgiving if she was going to be in town. I went ready to tell her and discuss it with her when I called her on Tuesday morning. She was soooo excited. They were discharging her at Noon and her parents with her daughter were coming to get her and take her and Noah and Riley to West Virginia for Thanksgiving. She was anxious, excited and just overwhelmed. We talked for a little longer and she is going to call me when she gets back so we can catch up and see what the plans are.
I had the privilege of watching the Lord work. I watched Him move mountains, move money, move circumstances, move hearts, tender hearts that were hard and heal. Aren't you glad we serve a God like that!!!!! I told her about the blog and she said she would love for me to share and share her little man's pictures. He is just as handsome as ever.
Even in the midst of all the joy, please pray for the adoptive parents. I know this was difficult for them. Pray that the Lord would lead them to the child that He has picked out for them.
Please continue to pray for Tiffany, Noah and Riley and her daughter. This is going to be a hard road when they return but God is good. He will supply what they need. Praise the Lord. He is at work. We need to open our eyes and see Him working and join Him there!!!!!
Enough for tonight. The turkey is calling and I need some rest. Thanksgiving has a new meaning this year.
In Him Only,

I know you all have been patiently waiting.

Hello All,

Well, it's the night before the big day of eating. My turkey is in a brine, my dressing is put together but not baked, the pumpkin pies are cooked, the cool whip is defrosting and the mashed potatoes are complete. Just need a few hours for the turkey and the dressing and lunch is served. I cannot wait!!!!!!! I am sorry it has taken me so long to update. It has been a difficult week and trying to process the delivery from last weekend has taken me a while. To say that it was intense is truly an understatement. So, in light of that, let's start with some updates on the little one's and their families.
First, Nate and his family are doing fine. Tasha's Dad went home to be with the Lord and serve in His presence last weekend. I would ask that you please keep them in your prayers. I did speak with Tasha on Monday evening and she sounded good but just worn out emotionally, physically and mentally. The holiday's are here and having a new baby and losing a parent is difficult. She and her family are just seeking the Lord during this time. Please continue to pray for them.
Second, Elizabeth update....PRAISE THE LORD, SHE WENT HOME WITH MOM AND DAD JUST IN TIME FOR THANKSGIVING!!!!! She is doing just fine. They can't seem to really pinpoint a specific problem but she is eating and doing great. What a Thanksgiving for them. How excited they are. They can now have some time to rest and recover from delivery and all of the complications that followed. What a blessing to have her home. This is the first picture of Elizabeth and her Dad, Ken, after they first met.

I will hopefully be going to see them soon and will update the picture. She is just precious.
Rylan is doing fine. I am working on setting up a time to go and see her and see how things are going with her. She is beautiful and I can't wait to see how she is doing with her 4 brothers and see how much she has grown.
Thank you so much for reading. It really means so much to me. I just love that I have this many people reading and praying for me and all of my clients. It is just overwhelming to me at times. I met with a new client on Tuesday at lunch. She is wonderful and expecting her bundle in the next 2-3 weeks. It will be a girl that will be named after her sister. She is excited and nervous. Please just be praying for her as her day approaches.
Now for Angel's Story. I have decided to do it as an entry by itself. Just make sure you have a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, some tissues and a seat to sit in. It will just blow your mind. HE IS AT WORK!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I just had to share this.....HE IS ANSWERING YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!

Just a note to give you the daily update on Elizabeth. Today was a much better day than yesterday. When I got to the hospital at 11am the nurse told me that Elizabeth had taken all of her feeding by mouth at 9 am. She took all but 10cc's by mouth at noon. At 3 she took 35 cc's which was not as great, because she is supposed to be at 60 every three hours. But at 7pm she took the whole 60 by mouth again! The better she gets at eating without help from the tube feedings, the closer we come to bringing her home. Please continue with all the prayers, we are finally feeling like we might be getting somewhere.
We will keep you posted.


Hello everyone,
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Are you ready? I sure am not but that is OK. I will be when it gets here. I'm so excited about it. All the food!!!!!! What is not to be excited about.
I wanted to give you some updates on several different things. So, take a seat and lets get started.
First- Elizabeth is doing fine. She continued to be in NICU and the physicians called in a Neurologist and she had an MRI. They made the decision to transfer her to the Children's Hospital that is about 30 minutes away. They are not exactly sure what is going on. Her muscle tone is not where they would like it and eating wears her out. They will be running all kinds of testing and Deanna and Ken will be meeting with Genetic Specialist to see if they can pin-point what all is going on with this precious little girl. She is a gift and her parents and big brother love her dearly. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. This can be a very emotional time and a very physically exhausting time as well. Deanna recovering from a C-Section and trying to travel and be there when the physicians are there as well as take care of herself. Pray for them and for Elizabeth. They need our love and support.
Secondly- Tasha, Nate's Mom, father is in the hospital and from my last conversation with her, he was not doing well at all. The prognosis is not good and he is struggling. He has been doing radiation and chemo if my memory serves me correctly. Tasha and JR are doing their best of course with a new baby and now trying to visit with her Dad as much as possible. They would covet your prayers in this trying time. The love and support that we as a family can give would be greatly appreciated.
Thirdly- This entire week has been very hectic but He has so been in control and for that I am so truly thankful. There is no way I could have managed such a week without Him. He has truly shown me His faithfulness! Praise Him for it!!!! There are somethings that He has not shown me yet that I am still seeking after Him for but that is OK. Just resting in the fact that He already knows is enough for me.
Last but certainly not least- "Angel" is being induced in the morning. 7am bright and early and I will be there when she checks in. She told me today they told her that this can be a long process. How well I know that from experience. She is ready to do this but at the same time, I can hear the fear and anxiety in her voice. I so consider this a privilege to be there for her. I'm to get a camera for her tonight. I will have mine as well and of course offer to do whatever pictures she wants. Oh, pray for me. Pray that I will just be put to the side and that He will shine through. That every touch would be His, every word that is said and every thing that is done would be HIM!!!!! This NOT ABOUT ME!!!!!!! She has invited the Adoptive Mom in the delivery room. What an invitation. This is going to be such a blessing and such an event that I don't think you can put words to it. Pray for her. Pray for her strength, her endurance, her emotions and her precious heart.

All of that being said, I want to tell you all thank you so much for reading, for sharing and for praying for these precious and special families that the Lord has blessed me with. He continues to bless and OH what a blessing that is!!!!!!

In Him,

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hello All,

Just wanted to keep you all posted. I went Thursday night and visited with our newest. Elizabeth is doing fine. She is spending sometime in the NICU. She has decided to eat from her bottle when she wants to and then just sleep when she chooses. They are working with her on trying to get her on a schedule. Deanna was to go home either yesterday (Friday) or this morning. I spoke with her yesterday and she was doing fine. They are just very concerned about their little one. The doctors have all told them that she is fine, she just needs to work on learning to eat. Please keep them in your prayers. I am not sure what the plan is for the next few days, but leaving the hospital and having to leave your baby is a very difficult thing to do. Pray for wisdom and strength for both Ken and Deanna. Elizabeth is gorgeous. I am hoping to have pictures very soon.

Still waiting on "Angel" and her little blessing. The doctors tried to "help" this past week but as of this evening, my cell phone has not rang. She is tired and just ready. If we don't have a little on by next week, Friday will be induction day. Of course we all know that can be a very long process. Please just continue to pray for her and for me as we head into this adventure together.

Friday was a bit scary. I received a call from the Mom of one of my clients that is due in January. She was in the car with her father going to Durham. If you live here in Greensboro, you know it was raining on Friday. Her mom called me on my way to work. She and her dad had been in a car accident. They were driving the families only car. They were somewhere on 85 but the Trooper couldn't say. I immediately called work and then called my husband and off to their house to pick her up. We went to Alamance first and then they informed us she would be at UNC Chapel Hill Trauma Center. Being in the medical field, my mind immediately went to the worse case scenarios. The only thing I kept thinking was, PRAY!!!! I texted in the waiting room and called to keep others informed. We had no idea what we would find when we got there. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! she only had some bumps and bruises, baby looked great, moving all over the place, she was doing great!!!!! I just wanted to shout. I loved on her and told her how glad I was that she was doing so well and that everything was going to be just fine. They kept her for a while but sent her home that afternoon. Her dad was fine, just bumps and bruises. Traveling to UNC we saw the car on the tow truck on the other side of the HWY. It was clear without a doubt that the Lord has His hand on them and His angels surrounding it. It was totaled!!!!!! I spoke with her today and she is doing fine. VERY sore of course but doing fine. Please keep them in your prayers as they sort through the paperwork and the insurance after an accident. That can be worse than the accident at times.

I was phoned from the Y about another client for January. This has been such a blessing and He just keeps blessing. Oh, I forgot to mention that I probably will have another for December. Is He good or WHAT!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be a bit of a stressful week this week but that will be just fine with me. Lots of exciting things. Tuesday morning, I have a meeting. I'll try to share more about later. Just be praying Tuesday morning about 7:30am. Tuesday afternoon, a meeting at the High School for our daughter to attend public high school full time. This is a huge step for her and for us as a family. If you know about her, you will understand. Wednesday we have court for her. I'm just praying that the Lord will have His way and what is best and needed for her will be the focus and the goal. Thursday at lunch, I get to meet a new client. Thursday evening is a meeting at the Y about being a Teen Mentor and better Doula. Then, if we don't have a baby by Friday, it will be induction time for "Angel". Yes, this is a busy week coming but He knows and He is in control. THANK HIM FOR THAT!!!!!!

My parents came in last Tuesday evening. It was great having them to come and visit. There is nothing like a "mom-and-dad-fix" and I was in great need of one. We will all be together for Thanksgiving this year. I can not wait for that. It will be great!!!!!!

Well, there is lots to do to be prepared for next week but things are changing a bit around the house. I have chosen to let Him take care of the week. Let Him take care of the schedule and if somethings don't get's really OK and life won't end. If we have clean clothes, food in the pantry, power and water, we are truly blessed. We so often take those simple things for granted. I have realized since committing to being a Doula for these women that I can not handle my schedule. I can't look at it without wanting to do the "Crazy Dance". It would be beyond anything that this mind can wrap around. There is just no way. Therefore, each morning is given up and then I walk in what He would have me to do. That is all that I can do and what He gives me the strength to do. WHAT FREEDOM!!!!!!

I need to go for now. Time to relax and actually maybe read and thumb through a magazine before I go to sleep. Thanksgiving is coming. What are you thankful for?
Try making a list. I'll work on one and maybe post it. Y'all can post yours in the comments. Share yours. I would love to see them. Sleep well and we will talk again soon.
Running in His Race,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A NEW BABY!!!!!!

Good Afternoon,

I am excited to say that we have a new baby. She was born last evening and is doing great. It is amazing to see the Lord work and how awesome He is. Each child that I see is just one more reason to praise Him. Everyone of these precious little ones are unique from the moment they take their first breath. It just is an overwhelming experience at times. He is truly our Creator and Saviour. I will be visiting with the family this afternoon and will hopefully have pictures and stories for you this evening so please stay tuned. She is just gorgeous!!!!!

Please continue to pray for "Angel". We are still waiting and watching. This is all about His time and not mine and not hers. He is in control and for that we can be truly thankful.

I would also ask that you would continue to keep Mothering The Mother in your prayers. I had explained to you that the Lord was just pouring out His blessings on this step of obedience and He has once again, added 2 more to my calendar and it is just amazing. With that being said, He is up to something else that I am not at liberty to share as of yet because it is not in a final stage but in the works, so I would ask that you would just keep that in your prayers and that it would be what He desires and not necessarily what Pam desires. It feels almost a little chaotic at times and times I just feel like I could lose my marbles but knowing with out a shadow of a doubt that it is Him working, I can walk by faith and not by sight. It is not easy but it's such a blessing.

Thanks for stopping by. Make sure that you check in later for more details on the delivery. Praise Him for He is good!!!!!

Have an awesome day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here We Are Again!

Good Evening To All,

It was a beautiful weekend in Greensboro. Cool and crisp in the evening and gorgeous all day. It was fantastic. I felt that those of you following the blog may want an update on what all is going on. I first must confess to you that I am at the point of being completely and totally speechless. It has taken me a few days to process what all has happened in the last week and to be able to actually put it into words is difficult. If I ramble, please excuse me.

I shared with you in the last posting of my new client "Angel". I finally got to meet her face to face. I sat in total humility. I fought tears that were burning and stinging my eyes as she told me her story and what all was planned and how it was going to happen. I was in complete and total awe of her, her courage, her faith, her strength and yet at the same time, you could see the fear and the unknown underneath it all. That is about all I can share. I would just ask that you continue to pray for her. Pray for me and what I have been called to do in this situation. The word that keeps coming to mind is intense. Intense emotions, intense time, intense place. Pray for me to be just an extension of Him, His love, His touch and His grace. May she only see Him and not me.

When pursuing this new role, job, calling, or whatever maybe the right word to use, I knew that the Lord was in it. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that when I answered that He would do what He said. I had no clue what exactly that meant. As it stands at the present moment, this is what my potential calendar looks like. Hang on to your hats for this one.
November- 2 clients
December- 1 at present but as we know, He can change that if He wishes
January 3
February-1 and maybe another
March- 2
May-possibly one at the moment.
Please understand, I have not visited another office. I have not "publicised" myself. I haven't put out flyer except in one place. This is NOT anything that Pam has done. I have done NOTHING!!!!!! I obeyed and agreed to do what He wanted and He is blowing me away. There is something about obedience that brings blessing. Blessings that are so big sometimes that we don't have the words to describe how we feel or what we are thinking. They literally leave us speechless and that is where I am this evening.
There are other things that are happening that I am not at liberty to share at this moment but it is so clear that He is in it. I have seen Him work. I know that I know that I trust Him to provide me with whatever it is that I NEED. (please note I said NEED, not WANT) It takes a tremendous amount of faith to be here. My faith is stronger today than it was yesterday and tomorrow is another day for strength.

I have a couple of friends that have recently gone to the Ukraine as full time missionaries. Oh how I miss them. Since the time that I finally stopped running from being a Doula and watched Him work and allowed myself to surrender and stop trying to hide, I have often thought of them. We have been friends for years. It occurred to me the other day that people are watching. During our friendship, they have encouraged me, stretched me, pushed me and loved me through the messes I would find myself in and all the while, I could see that the Lord was using them. Not only in my life but in those around them, both here and in other parts of the world. The Lord called them, they answered and I have no doubt that they would tell you today that it's not easy but when He does, He supplies what is needed and He never leaves you. He is constantly growing us and changing us to be more and more like His Son. Every time I am at the hospital, whether it for a birth, a visit, or actually staying with a client, I have come to realize, people are watching. My ultimate goal....for them to see HIM in me. I watched 2 of my best friends grow and obey the call that Lord placed on their life. I'm praying that people see the call that He has placed on me and in my heart to serve these precious women in such a precious time in their lives. (Love you-Tim and Marsha)

Well, one of my clients is being admitted tonight and we will see what tomorrow holds. It's going to be a GREAT week. I can sense it already. My parents are coming to town on Tuesday and staying til Sunday. How exciting!!!! My little one will love it. I promise to post as soon as I have permission from Mom and Dad on the new little one this week.

Please continue to pray for me and this ministry. God is good!!!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

See, Told You It Wouldn't Be Quiet!!!!!

Hello All,

I knew it wouldn't take me long before I would be back on here. It's Wednesday and I probably would have been back a long time ago except my little one decided to share the stomach bug with his mom. The joys of daycare and having little ones. I completely understand now why he was so irritable, crabby, no appetite and nothing made him happy. If he felt like I did, it just broke my heart because he can't tell me. I can handle sinus, coughs, colds, just about anything BUT a stomach bug. That is just .....well.... YUCK!!!!!! Well enough of that. Probably way to much TMI....LOL

I need to share with you about my other delivery. Her name is Rylan. It's Irish because both of her parents are. Her mom is a precious young lady that I met through a friend at work. We didn't really have a lot of time to talk, plan and really get into what all "we" could do for her delivery. We chatted a lot via text messaging and e-mails and a couple of appts. with her doctor. It was an awesome experience. She handled her self like a real pro even though this was her first. We all were guessing Rylan's weight while things were getting started at the hospital. Let's just say, we were WAY off. We knew she would be long because Dad is well over 6 foot tall and her brothers were all VERY long. She was very strong. She tried everything and then relief came with the epidural. When it was time for Rylan, she put on her game face and did a beautiful job. When Rylan was born, I'm not sure who was crying more, me or her Mom. I saw a side of her Mom I hadn't seen and it was just so tender and the tears were just precious. The joy of being the Doula in the delivery room is that while Dad can go and get pictures of the newest addition, and see about APGAR scores and weight and length. I can stay at Moms side and wipe away her tears, tell her how beautiful her baby is and what a fantastic job she did. It's a moment that I don't soon forget and I hope that she doesn't either. Rylan was perfect. She weighed in at 8 pounds and 11 ounces and absolutely gorgeous. She was born on Halloween and the even put her little hat on with a orange and black bow on it. They later gave her a little hat that the volunteers knitted that looked like a pumpkin. She is beautiful. ALL OF HIS CREATIONS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can I get an AMEN to that please!!!!! Above are some pictures of her. I had Mom's permission to post them.
I will be scheduling a post-delivery visit with each of my Mom's and Dad's and get more pictures and of course will have to share those as soon as they are uploaded.
I have been so blessed by both of these Moms and their strength, endurance and love for their families just blesses me like nothing else.
I had stated in a previous post that I didn't have anymore deliveries until December. I got an e-mail that has requested that I be a Doula for a very special delivery. I can't tell you alot but just know that this Mom is due in the next 3 weeks. She has carried her little one and is giving the little one up. She requested me and I am absoulutely humbled. It takes my breath away and makes my heart skip a few beats when I think of the awesomeness of what she has chosen to do. I'm totally humbled. That is all that I can share with you. To protect her, her situation, this little one, I will let you know when she delivers but I can't tell you more than that and there won't be pictures to post. I am just asking for your prayers for "Angel". We'll call her that. Pray for me as I have been asked to fill this job vacancy and that He will use me in whatever way He sees fit. This is His child, His Mom and I am just the hands and feet. Pray that whatever I do, say, touch will be Him and not Pam!!!!! I will be meeting her this week for the first time. Pray for her. She is precious in His sight!!!!!!
Well, it's getting late and there is much to be done for another day. Aren't you thankful that His mercies are NEW EVERY morning!!!!! Praise Him!!!!!! Sleep well. Thank you for stopping by today.
Love and Prayers,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I thought that today would be a good day to share a picture of the first birth that I had the priviledge of attending. Nate is a beautiful little boy. He really does have angel white hair. It is truly a special characteristic of his. He is absolutely precious. His parents are so excited that he is here. From my understanding, he is doing great and Mom and Dad are doing a great job. How exciting to see God's handy work in every child and adult. We are all different and unique. If we were all the same, how boring would that be?
At present, I don't have any more scheduled deliveries until around the first of December. Trust me, the blog won't be quiet I am sure. There is much to share and much to write about. Please, if you know of anyone that would benefit from my services, please have them call me or let me know. It is an awesome experience.
I thought you all would like to see Nate. Rylan is coming soon. She is gorgeous!!! I'll post more about here as soon as the pictures are downloaded.
Thank you again for your support and prayers.