Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I know you all have been patiently waiting.

Hello All,

Well, it's the night before the big day of eating. My turkey is in a brine, my dressing is put together but not baked, the pumpkin pies are cooked, the cool whip is defrosting and the mashed potatoes are complete. Just need a few hours for the turkey and the dressing and lunch is served. I cannot wait!!!!!!! I am sorry it has taken me so long to update. It has been a difficult week and trying to process the delivery from last weekend has taken me a while. To say that it was intense is truly an understatement. So, in light of that, let's start with some updates on the little one's and their families.
First, Nate and his family are doing fine. Tasha's Dad went home to be with the Lord and serve in His presence last weekend. I would ask that you please keep them in your prayers. I did speak with Tasha on Monday evening and she sounded good but just worn out emotionally, physically and mentally. The holiday's are here and having a new baby and losing a parent is difficult. She and her family are just seeking the Lord during this time. Please continue to pray for them.
Second, Elizabeth update....PRAISE THE LORD, SHE WENT HOME WITH MOM AND DAD JUST IN TIME FOR THANKSGIVING!!!!! She is doing just fine. They can't seem to really pinpoint a specific problem but she is eating and doing great. What a Thanksgiving for them. How excited they are. They can now have some time to rest and recover from delivery and all of the complications that followed. What a blessing to have her home. This is the first picture of Elizabeth and her Dad, Ken, after they first met.

I will hopefully be going to see them soon and will update the picture. She is just precious.
Rylan is doing fine. I am working on setting up a time to go and see her and see how things are going with her. She is beautiful and I can't wait to see how she is doing with her 4 brothers and see how much she has grown.
Thank you so much for reading. It really means so much to me. I just love that I have this many people reading and praying for me and all of my clients. It is just overwhelming to me at times. I met with a new client on Tuesday at lunch. She is wonderful and expecting her bundle in the next 2-3 weeks. It will be a girl that will be named after her sister. She is excited and nervous. Please just be praying for her as her day approaches.
Now for Angel's Story. I have decided to do it as an entry by itself. Just make sure you have a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, some tissues and a seat to sit in. It will just blow your mind. HE IS AT WORK!!!!!!

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