Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello everyone,
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Are you ready? I sure am not but that is OK. I will be when it gets here. I'm so excited about it. All the food!!!!!! What is not to be excited about.
I wanted to give you some updates on several different things. So, take a seat and lets get started.
First- Elizabeth is doing fine. She continued to be in NICU and the physicians called in a Neurologist and she had an MRI. They made the decision to transfer her to the Children's Hospital that is about 30 minutes away. They are not exactly sure what is going on. Her muscle tone is not where they would like it and eating wears her out. They will be running all kinds of testing and Deanna and Ken will be meeting with Genetic Specialist to see if they can pin-point what all is going on with this precious little girl. She is a gift and her parents and big brother love her dearly. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. This can be a very emotional time and a very physically exhausting time as well. Deanna recovering from a C-Section and trying to travel and be there when the physicians are there as well as take care of herself. Pray for them and for Elizabeth. They need our love and support.
Secondly- Tasha, Nate's Mom, father is in the hospital and from my last conversation with her, he was not doing well at all. The prognosis is not good and he is struggling. He has been doing radiation and chemo if my memory serves me correctly. Tasha and JR are doing their best of course with a new baby and now trying to visit with her Dad as much as possible. They would covet your prayers in this trying time. The love and support that we as a family can give would be greatly appreciated.
Thirdly- This entire week has been very hectic but He has so been in control and for that I am so truly thankful. There is no way I could have managed such a week without Him. He has truly shown me His faithfulness! Praise Him for it!!!! There are somethings that He has not shown me yet that I am still seeking after Him for but that is OK. Just resting in the fact that He already knows is enough for me.
Last but certainly not least- "Angel" is being induced in the morning. 7am bright and early and I will be there when she checks in. She told me today they told her that this can be a long process. How well I know that from experience. She is ready to do this but at the same time, I can hear the fear and anxiety in her voice. I so consider this a privilege to be there for her. I'm to get a camera for her tonight. I will have mine as well and of course offer to do whatever pictures she wants. Oh, pray for me. Pray that I will just be put to the side and that He will shine through. That every touch would be His, every word that is said and every thing that is done would be HIM!!!!! This NOT ABOUT ME!!!!!!! She has invited the Adoptive Mom in the delivery room. What an invitation. This is going to be such a blessing and such an event that I don't think you can put words to it. Pray for her. Pray for her strength, her endurance, her emotions and her precious heart.

All of that being said, I want to tell you all thank you so much for reading, for sharing and for praying for these precious and special families that the Lord has blessed me with. He continues to bless and OH what a blessing that is!!!!!!

In Him,

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