Wednesday, November 5, 2008

See, Told You It Wouldn't Be Quiet!!!!!

Hello All,

I knew it wouldn't take me long before I would be back on here. It's Wednesday and I probably would have been back a long time ago except my little one decided to share the stomach bug with his mom. The joys of daycare and having little ones. I completely understand now why he was so irritable, crabby, no appetite and nothing made him happy. If he felt like I did, it just broke my heart because he can't tell me. I can handle sinus, coughs, colds, just about anything BUT a stomach bug. That is just .....well.... YUCK!!!!!! Well enough of that. Probably way to much TMI....LOL

I need to share with you about my other delivery. Her name is Rylan. It's Irish because both of her parents are. Her mom is a precious young lady that I met through a friend at work. We didn't really have a lot of time to talk, plan and really get into what all "we" could do for her delivery. We chatted a lot via text messaging and e-mails and a couple of appts. with her doctor. It was an awesome experience. She handled her self like a real pro even though this was her first. We all were guessing Rylan's weight while things were getting started at the hospital. Let's just say, we were WAY off. We knew she would be long because Dad is well over 6 foot tall and her brothers were all VERY long. She was very strong. She tried everything and then relief came with the epidural. When it was time for Rylan, she put on her game face and did a beautiful job. When Rylan was born, I'm not sure who was crying more, me or her Mom. I saw a side of her Mom I hadn't seen and it was just so tender and the tears were just precious. The joy of being the Doula in the delivery room is that while Dad can go and get pictures of the newest addition, and see about APGAR scores and weight and length. I can stay at Moms side and wipe away her tears, tell her how beautiful her baby is and what a fantastic job she did. It's a moment that I don't soon forget and I hope that she doesn't either. Rylan was perfect. She weighed in at 8 pounds and 11 ounces and absolutely gorgeous. She was born on Halloween and the even put her little hat on with a orange and black bow on it. They later gave her a little hat that the volunteers knitted that looked like a pumpkin. She is beautiful. ALL OF HIS CREATIONS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can I get an AMEN to that please!!!!! Above are some pictures of her. I had Mom's permission to post them.
I will be scheduling a post-delivery visit with each of my Mom's and Dad's and get more pictures and of course will have to share those as soon as they are uploaded.
I have been so blessed by both of these Moms and their strength, endurance and love for their families just blesses me like nothing else.
I had stated in a previous post that I didn't have anymore deliveries until December. I got an e-mail that has requested that I be a Doula for a very special delivery. I can't tell you alot but just know that this Mom is due in the next 3 weeks. She has carried her little one and is giving the little one up. She requested me and I am absoulutely humbled. It takes my breath away and makes my heart skip a few beats when I think of the awesomeness of what she has chosen to do. I'm totally humbled. That is all that I can share with you. To protect her, her situation, this little one, I will let you know when she delivers but I can't tell you more than that and there won't be pictures to post. I am just asking for your prayers for "Angel". We'll call her that. Pray for me as I have been asked to fill this job vacancy and that He will use me in whatever way He sees fit. This is His child, His Mom and I am just the hands and feet. Pray that whatever I do, say, touch will be Him and not Pam!!!!! I will be meeting her this week for the first time. Pray for her. She is precious in His sight!!!!!!
Well, it's getting late and there is much to be done for another day. Aren't you thankful that His mercies are NEW EVERY morning!!!!! Praise Him!!!!!! Sleep well. Thank you for stopping by today.
Love and Prayers,

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