Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Thursday Morning

Hello All,

It has been an awesome time. Vacation, sun, beach, of course 3 days of rain but that didn't matter much, time with the family and just relaxing. I am trying to decide on what pictures to post and I am working on the story about a very special Mom and baby girl. I promise I will have them up shortly.

I just wanted to share a bit about what all is happening in the life of Mothering The Mother. We are still pending the certification from DONA International and that should be coming soon. Childbirth Educator with ALACE is going well. LOTS OF READING AND DIGESTING!!!! but that is part of being a good CBE(Childbirth Educator). The awesome part of that is that I get to use so much of that even at work doing my intakes with our new OB patients. The fitness side of the equation has just simply blown me away. I had no idea how big this had the potential to be.
Being contacted by the Women's Hospital was huge for me. I had no idea that would even be remotely possible. Now that is underway and I am finding out that there is another group that wants me to teach as well as the YWCA here in Greensboro. I'm absolutely overwhelmed by it all and just so thankful for such an awesome opportunity to serve pregnant women here in North Carolina. What an answer to a passion!!!!!
I have a couple of babies coming soon so I will keep you posted on that.
I also have recently taken on a precious young lady that I had the privilege of watching grow up at church and friends with her parents. She is married and expecting their first baby and I have the blessing of being her Doula. It amazes me just how the Lord works all of that out. She and her husband are just so sweet and they are so excited. I just pray that I will be what they need.
I have much more to share but I have to get to work to a desk with 3 VERY large stacks of charts on it.
Thank you so much for visiting with me for a few minutes this morning. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions or ideas.

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama (Pam)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back To Reality

WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!
Of course, I will have plenty of pictures to share. I just wanted you to know we are here. I have beaded myself silly and made more earrings than I can ever imagine.
Time on the beach was a bit limited but a base tan was great. Now I can just keep adding!!!!! That is what counts right????
I got the OK from a very special Mom before I left that I can share her story. I am so excited. I will be working on it and getting a rough draft to her and then get it posted as soon as possible.
I have a lot to share about what all is happening with Mothering The Mother and some events coming up. Stay tooned and don't miss out!!!!

Laboring with you,
Doula Mama (Pam)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Blogspot Design

How cool to win this!!!!!!!! If you are interested, visit her site!!!!!

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama

In addition to the last post (below)

I couldn't find the website this morning on the computer but I have it now...

This is a very good friend of mine. She has been struggling with a disease that we don't know enough about so the only thing to do is to treat the symptoms. Can you imagine waking up on a daily basis and not knowing if you will be able to move your arms and legs or any part of your body because they feel like each limb weighs 100 pounds? Can you imagine falling asleep in the middle of typing on your blog? Can you imagine being in pain more hours than not. I can not even begin to grasp those physical feelings, much less the mental or emotional side of such a disease. It just amazes me. I have watched her get out of the bed and do things and just by knowing her prior to Fibro. you can see it when she walks, sits or stands and the hurt is on her face and in her eyes. Fibromyalgia IS REAL!!!!!!! I have seen it!!!!!!! Please visit her site, leave a word of encouragement whether you know her or not. She loves getting comments.
(This is for you Lynn-Marie!!!!!!!-praying for you all the time!!!!)

Thanks again for visiting today.

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama (Pam)

Good Morning- Only 9 more days!!!!!


A much needed one and can't come at a better time. The stress level is at an all time high and we need to get away and have some rest and some time together as a family. Of course, we will for sure post some pictures during the trip. Believe me, my husband loves the camera. I try to stay away from it as much as possible. I'll take the picture, but please don't put me in front of it.....LOL!!!
I need help with this blogspot. I want to get my information, my stories out and trying to find a way to do that. I would love to figure out a way to have someone help me to design this blog. I have become a blogger and love looking at other peoples blogs and they are just fantastic. I just can't figure out how to do it. Anyone got any ideas????
Things are kind of quiet with new arrivals on the horizon. I have one in June, and one in July. I am praying for more Moms that I can help but I am leaving that up to the Lord to handle that part.

I would love for you to go and visit this blogspot
This is an awesome family. I have actually had the opportunity to e-mail with Cathy. She is an awesome lady. She lives in Texas....the one place in the US that I could live and not think twice about. Anyway, go down about 2 entries and read about May 9th. It is incredible and I had no idea that there was such a day as BirthMothers Day. It is awesome!!!!!! I have requested to share a story but I have not heard yet if I will be able to. I will let you know but I thought it only fitting to share it on Saturday. You will not want to miss it!!!!!

I have a couple of things that I want to share with you all and would love for you to visit their blogs and leave a message or just read about them. Most of which you can find on my list of Blogs I follow - she has been in India-It's amazing! continued prayer for Stellan and his heart problems these are my friends in that are serving as Full Time missionaries in Ukraine. You can sign up for their newsletter!!! this is my business web-site, just be praying that I will be used by Him! - this family has been through so much. They are finally taking their daughter home but not the way they had hoped. Cover them with your love.
I have one other website that I can't locate but I will add it in another post.

The sun is out! The day is starting! The Lord is in control! and this is His Day!!!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama (Pam)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Prayer Request

My Mom leaves this afternoon for Kiev Ukraine for I believe her 9th trip!!!!!!! Here is the blogspot they have put together for the trip.
Please be in prayer for them.

Thank you so much.

Laboring with you,
Doula Mama