Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost Here......

This has been the most fun.
 I have posted on Twitter.
I posted on Facebook and even on the sidebar here. 
NOVEMBER 1st is coming!!!!!!! 
I have had several ask me..."What's up?"
Now, if I told everyone, that wouldn't be a surprise now would it?
Right now I believe that only my Hubby knows what is coming and he won't tell! 
No, I won't give you any hints.
No, I won't send you an e-mail
No, I won't text you either or send you a Tweet.
You will just have to wait and see what's coming........
Any guesses????? 
Any thoughts or ideas??????
Most of you will not be shocked.
If you know me at all, you probably have an idea anyway.
I'm so excited I could bust!!!!!!!! 

Not much longer.............

Friday, October 28, 2011

Writing Continued.....

Now before everyone starts having a fit...I am not quiting my job. I'm not even thinking it.  I just like to write.  I have a great friend named Peggy and another named Marsha that have always encouraged me to journal.  WRITE IT DOWN!!!  Well, that is what I do. I LOVE IT!!!!  Yes, and even some of my blog post are just an example of what you might find in my journal.  Sometimes things are a bit to personal so you won't find them here.  

What about life experience?  Have you experienced something in your life that you never saw coming? Something that shook you to your core and wondered "What in the world is happening?"  Oh, I have!!!!!  Life is not a bed a roses and He never promised us an easy life! He did promise that He would never leave or forsake us. He promised that He would walk through the fire and the flood with us. He would lift our chins as only He can. He would love us unconditionally!  So what have you experienced?  What is an experience where you can look back on it now and think "Praise Jesus, He brought me through and this is what He showed me and taught me."  Those are the things that we like to put on a mask and NEVER tell anyone about.  We go through life acting as if things are just wonderful and on the inside, we feel like we are totally drowning.  We would never take off that mask and be transparent!  Heaven forbid that we do such a thing!  Yet, most of the time, we have those close friends that would come along side and pray with us, direct us to the Word, encourage us and listen.  We all have those kinds of friends.  Some may have MANY and some may have just 1 or 2 but we have them.  We never know that if we would share, there may have been someone that has been there and can encourage us and we can see what the Lord did in their life. 

This is obviously turning into an entry so please allow me to share a couple of experiences that I have had.
-Adoption of "The Older Child"
-Being Obese
-Healing of hurts
-Financial Issues
-Surprise Pregnancy
-Father with Open Heart Surgery
-Mom diagnosed with Breast Cancer twice
-Loss of a job after almost 15 years with the same company
-Rebellious Child
-Friends diagnosed with "incurable" diseases
-Friends leaving for the mission field. Feeling lost without them.
Now, someone may look at such a list and think......Are you bragging?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!  I am making the point that I can stand on this side of these experiences and say PRAISE JESUS!!!!  LOOK WHAT HE BROUGHT ME THROUGH!!!!!!  Now, everyone that I go to church with probably knows most of this. Most that read this blog probably already know but some may not.  Yet, I know without a shadow of a doubt when someone is talking about one of these trials in there life, I can say "Yes, I understand, I have been there and I can pray from experience.  Let me tell you what He taught me...." 

Well, there you have it.  Now the question is for you.  What has He brought you through?  What did He teach you?  Are you still in the middle of it?  How can I pray for you?  For sure something for you to ponder today.  The comment section is open and unlimited.....feel free to share!!!!!!!  I would love to hear!!!!!

Thanks for pondering today!!!!!!
PS- My 10 Attitude of Gratitude are the experiences listed above!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Are you a writer?
Do you journal?
Have you ever thought about being a writer?
Have you ever thought about starting a journal?
Have you ever thought about writing a book about your life experience?
Have you ever thought about writing study guides, devotionals and the like?

I know I have.  I think , "I hated English in school. Every paper was marked with red pen". At the same time, now at the age of 40-something, I remember those things and find myself asking those red-pen questions when I am writing.

Where would you start?
What would you write about?
What and who is your audience?
Trust me, I am throwing the questions out. I am thinking and praying through how I would answer them. How would YOU answer them?
For sure something to ponder today.......

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....almost


Grateful for a 4 year old.
Grateful for a 22 year old.
Grateful for boys.
Grateful for their honesty.
Grateful for the hugs from Kaleb
Grateful for lunch-times with Kyle
Grateful for the laughter between 2 brothers.
Grateful for the men they will grow to be.
Grateful for the blessing.
Grateful for the quiet times even with 2 in the house.

psst........5 more days.....

Oops almost overslept!!!!!!

Working 3rd shift and trying to figure out my sleep pattern has been a little more difficult than I thought but I think I am getting the hang of it.  Last night was a 12 hour night.  It was a bit long but it was good.  I am actually doing great til about 4 or 4:30am when I would really like to go to bed but get some coffee and I can make it through.
You know how you almost over sleep?
You get caught with every light?
The person in front of you is going 10 mph slower than the speed limit?
Well, that was me today.  I did almost over sleep which made me a few minutes late leaving. Then of course every light was red and yes I got stuck behind someone who wanted to almost come to a stop on 40 because the car in front of them was going a bit slow. It was just frustrating!!! 
I made it!!!  On my way back I saw why I might have been late.  Maybe the Lord was protecting me.  There was an accident on 40 coming back that had just happened and had I not been slightly late, it could have me.  I was just so grateful. So very thankful!  It didn't appear anyone was injured and I was grateful for that as well.  He knows my days! He knows when I rise and when I sit. Oh thank you Jesus!!!!!!
How has your day been? 
What have you been seeing Him do in your life?
Have you stopped long enough to ponder it???

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to Work

Well, I had 3 days off and it's back to work tonight.  That's OK but I enjoy being home so much.  Well, I thought I had better get this posted because between trying to actually make it to the gym, being at work at 6:30 for a "Health Evaluation", trying to take a nap as well, I will probably not have enough time.

Here are my 10 for today.
-spell check
-cell phones
-great friends
-food in the pantry that can turn into something super special
-being able to share the Gospel on my blog
-friend that has returned to her blog
-friends that share thoughts and ideas on Facebook
-Little one celebrating his 3rd birthday and I was there that special day
(OK, so I had a bonus for today)

What have you been pondering lately?

Monday, October 24, 2011

What a Weekend

What an awesome and busy weekend.  Saturday night was AWESOME!!!!!  We try to get together with my brother Jeff and his wife Ashley when we can.  We are busy or he is driving or going camping.  So this time we planned a couple of weeks out and said that we would meet up and go to dinner.  Well, I thought about that and chose to just have them over instead.
IT WAS A BLAST!!!  Kyle was even home, which is VERY unusual.  We had enough food to feed an army and plenty of left overs but the fun of just having them here was just GREAT!!!!!  We ate until I thought we would all explode!!!! You have to understand, my brother is an AWESOME cook.  He cooks what some would call "real food".  Cast iron pans, fatback, bacon, "real seasoning".  You get the picture.  He made the most awesome Mexican cornbread that I have ever eaten!!!!!  I will for sure get the recipe for it!!!! 
So, on the menu we had the following....
White Chicken Chili (Mama's recipe)
Buttermilk Chicken
Bo's Specialty Meat
Mexican Cornbread
Plain Cornbread (for Kyle)
Apple Cobbler
Egg Custard
Of course, all homemade!!!!!!  I could have just eaten the Mexican cornbread and forgotten the rest!!!!!  I am the worlds worst at inviting people to our house.  I always feel like its not clean enough, to many toys, the carpet has stains or any other excuse I can think of.  Well, I have decided that life is just to short and that needs to change.  We are going to have people over!!!!!
Do you have people over?
Do you worry about your house?
Do you worry about the kids?
Any idea's for get-togethers?
Fun foods that you like to eat? 


Top Ten Monday (thankfulness)
1. Resting today
2.Caring Director that called to see how my job was going and if I needed anything.
3. Kyle
4. Hubby getting Little Man dressed this morning.
5. Kyle doing his laundry
6. Getting little things done that I usually don't have time for.
7. Watching Kaleb dance in the backseat to a fun song about Jesus
8. Kyle having a second interview on Thursday
9. Planning early Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad
10. Giving up my calendar to the Lord and allowing Him to arrange it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ponder This!!!!!

Sunday-----Best Day Of The Week

This morning was a bit hectic.  We thought we had childcare at 8am.  We overslept and showed up at 8am but woke up at 7:20am.  It was a bit nuts.  We ended up in church for worship.  We evidently were suppose to be there last week.  Confusion but that's OK. 
We worshipped!!!!!  Casting Crowns Song- Who am I.  Video was shown as intro to sermon based on Psalm 8.  I just loved it!!!!!!  It's one of those songs that you could either do one of 2 things.  On the floor with your face in the carpet or on your feet with hands raised.  Just a powerful message.
We went to Sunday School and had a great lesson and conversation about John 3.  Just a wonderful day!!!  It is cool outside. Sun is shining. Leaves are falling. Trees are beautiful. Just a perfect time of the year!!!!!!! 
I hope you made it to worship today. I plan on napping and spending some time in The Word this afternoon. I am sure I will be back with more later this afternoon.  Enjoy your day and we will talk again soon. 

Top 10 Sunday......
1. Pastor that preaches the word without sugar coating it.
2. Scripture that speaks volumes to my heart.
3. Christian music
4. Church family that loves me.
5. Kaleb loves his class.
6. Godly men and women that teach.
8. Attending with persecution
9. A Heavenly Father that speaks to me.
10. A Savior who died for me.

Ponder this!

Super Saturday

Top Ten Saturday
1. Brother Jeff
2. Wife is Ashley
3. Coming to dinner
4. Kyle is home for dinner
5. House full of family
6. Laughter
7. Chickens-he has 60 of them
8. Fresh eggs in the refrig.
9. Home cookin'
10. FAMILY!!!!!


Attitude of Gratitude

Ten for Friday.........
1. Kaleb's Awesome Day Care.
2. Restful sleep (actually overslept)
3. Great night at work.
4. Delicious dinner
5. Scripture that is living
6. Breezes blowing through the condo.
7. Planning for dinner guest.
8. A job to go to tonight.
9. Coffee-help keep me awake
10. Clothes to chose from for work.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


I posted my "Challenge" on my Facebook and sent messages to a lot of people and heard from 1.  I'm not taking it personal.  Kind of surprised me but everyone is so busy.  Anyway, one of my friends, Marsha sent  hers in a message.  I asked her if I could share and she said "Of course".  I loved reading it!!!!!!  Thank you Marsha for sharing.

I'm thankful for:

1. A WONDERFUL new hubby!
2. A cozy home
3. Great neighbors
4. A Ministry in which I can give out His Word and lead others to Jesus
5. A new church family that is beyond friendly
6. Being encouraged to use my gifts and talents in the AWESOME music ministry
7. Having enough food for us and extra to share with friends and family
8. Children that are doing well in their work
9. Living in NC, where each season is beautiful!
10. Last, but not least...Having God at the center of all of the above!

So, here is what I'm thankful for today......
1. An exciting new job.
2. The smell of chocolate muffins coming out of the oven.
3. For a Christian Preschool that Little Man goes to and LOVES!!
4. For a brother and his wife that are coming to have dinner here on Saturday.
5. Planning for a couple of friends to come over for a movie and snacks in 2 weeks.
6. For great friends.
7. For an active and alive church.
8. For an oldest child that is seeking employment and trying to do what he can to further his career.
9. Planning for the holidays.
10. Facebook.  Connection with friends from high school that I haven't seen in YEARS!!!!!! 

Now, it's not to late....jump on board.  This is not difficult!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Work and Home

Well, it is official.  I am done with training at work.  I have enough notes to choke a horse but feel pretty good about what I have learned.  I had 2 GREAT cheerleaders/trainers at work.  Gail worked and trained with me during the day time and Amber was my night time trainer.  It was a lot to take in but I feel REALLY good about it.  Of course, I am sure something totally unexpected will happen Thursday night and I'm ready for that.  Kind of expecting it.

Home front is good except for me.  Trying to manage sleep and working nights is a bit more difficult for me than I think anyone else.  I come home and go to bed.  Literally!  Wake up, get Kaleb and then it's usually almost time for work.  I think I am just missing all that time we had together this summer.  Not being here at bedtime is a little hard because that is "snuggle-time".  Kyle on the other hand is up into the early morning hours and that is just awesome.  I can text/chat with him when I go on break at 1:00am.  There are not a lot of people up at that hour.  The other part that I miss so greatly is my Doula "business" and teaching Childbirth Classes.  There is just no way of doing that right now.  I do good to get done with what I need to.  That was the hardest thing to stop doing!!!!!!!  On the flip side of that the Hubby has kind of taken over making sure the laundry is done and said that I don't have to worry about dinner on the nights I have to be at work at 7pm.  ABSOLUTE BLESSING!!!!!!  I just need to be willing to give up that control and for me, that is a huge STRUGGLE to do because I feel like I'm not doing what a Mom/Wife should be doing.  It's a lot of adjustment but the 4 day work week and the once a month (and sometimes twice) 3 day weekends, sure are a sweet bonus!!!!!!!! 

Time Management is key for me. 
What is important? 
Do I have to do it right now?
Is this something that can wait for the weekend? 
Those are the key questions. 
How do you manage your time?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.....ideas and how you do it ALL. 

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow!!!!!!

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude
11.-Hubby that will do the laundry.
12. Change in the seasons.
13. Discussing Fall with a 4 year old.
14. Praying for my 22 year old on his job search.
15. Scripture available to read when I want.
16. Listening to the rain.
17. 2 GREAT new FRIENDS at work. Amber and Gail.
18. Excitement over going solo at my new job on Thursday.
19. A night off to spend at home.
20. Knowing that Jesus loves me.....all the time!!!!

And what about you?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a Challenge.......

OK, so I have been thinking.  Ever since Sunday and the message that I heard about an attitude of thankfulness.  They say that it takes 30 days to create or form a habit.  So why not make this a habit?
Here's the challenge......
Every day, come up with 10 things that you are grateful for.
Rules- can't repeat the same thing over and over and over. Yes, you maybe grateful for the same thing every day but let's look beyond.  Look at what He has done, is doing and going to do in your life that you are thankful for.  By the time that Thanksgiving (the holiday) rolls around, you should have a lot on your list. 
Of course, putting off a challenge is never a good idea.  Procrastination does not work!!!!! 

So, if you are in on the challenge- leave a short comment in the comment section.  You can list your 10 there or just say...."I'm in".  You can even challenge others on your Twitter account or even on your Facebook page and see how many you can get to jump in with you. 
Hint- THIS IS DAILY!!!!! NOT WEEKLY!!!!!!! 
OK, so procrastination gets you no where so I will start.......

Today, I am thankful for.......
1. Restful sleep when I arrived home after a 3rd shift 12 hour night.
2. Smile on my Little Man's face when I picked him up.
3. Beautiful weather outside in this change of season.
4. Mom is getting better everyday.
5. I have a blog that I can journal with.
6. Jesus died for ME!
7. Husband that loves me even when I'm grouchy.
8. Food in my pantry
9. Roof over my head
10. Learning a new career at my age. it's your turn.........what are you thankful for!!!!!!!!  Ponder it and get busy with your list.


Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lord's Supper

On Sunday, a beautiful fall morning, at church we celebrated The Lord's Supper.  It was a morning that I knew that I needed to be there.  The music was incredible. The soloist was awesome. The celebration was awesome.  The message.....well, I needed it and have been thinking about it ever since we left.
It was a message that was really very simple and very basic.  Yet, at the same time it was very personal, very exciting and very convicting as well. 
He preached out of 1 Corinthians and talked about Paul writing about the Lords Supper.  The word that kept coming back to me was "Remember".  One thing that was said and discussed about what we are to remember was that scripture talks about remembering His death. His crucifixion. His blood shed for us.  His sacrifice.  Jesus died for me!  It doesn't talk about remembering His birthday.  This was something I had not heard before.  I confess that I do not know scripture like I should but I had never really thought about that.  Truly something to ponder.
Pastor also talked about coming to His table and realizing what He did.  He died for you. He died for me.  The question that came to me as I sat there yesterday morning I really understand that? Do I really think about that? Am I thankful for that?  He died for me. Powerful 4 words!
He also talked about being thankful.  Yes, Thanksgiving, the holiday, is coming.  Yes, we will visit and talk and chat with friends and families that we don't see very often. We will all EAT WAY TO MUCH! (me included) BUT why is it only once a year do we think about the word "thanksgiving"? Why don't we celebrate it everyday. Every moment.  If you and I are born again and following after Him.....then EVERY DAY should be Thanksgiving. As Pastor said this matter what you are going through.  It can be an illness, a hardship, financial struggle, a diagnosis, a job loss, managing your time or anything else that you can think of.  Yet when you awake in the morning and those powerful 4 words come across your heart and your mind....Jesus died for me..........we can face whatever it is that seems so overwhelming with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts, peace that passes all understanding and a smile on our face.  WOW!!!!!! 
I thought back to this year and the circumstances that we have encountered.....
Loss of a job out of no-where
Loss of stable income.
Going back to school.
Getting a new job.
Kaleb in a new daycare
Mom's diagnosis of breast cancer again.
Mom's surgery followed by complications
Mom's up coming radiation treatments
Holidays and the stresses that come with.
Did I get up every morning and think.......Jesus died for me......let it sink in, put a smile on my face and walk through the day holding His hand......NO! I did not but I can assure you that my thought process is changing.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and because HE DIED FOR ME!!!!!!
Because He died for me, I can come before The Throne.  What a powerful message.  What a powerful set of words that seem so very simple and yet so very profound!!!!!!!! 
Jesus died for me.  Something to ponder for today!!!!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cotton Fields.......

We were blessed to go to the beach this past weekend for some rest.  When I say rest, we REALLY rested.  I believe this is the first time that I have gone to the beach and not bought ANYTHING.  I mean we went to the outlets and walked around.  We went and had dinner at our favorite places but literally bought nothing.  Typically we buy clothes and house-stuff but not this time.  It was VERY strange.  Going back to work full-time is great but being MUCH older than I used to be makes it a little more physically demanding so to speak.  So therefore.....we rested!!!!!!!!!

On our way home, we passed a very interesting sight.  A field of cotton.  Yes, cotton.  I can remember when I was little and going to see my Granny and Daniel and their were cotton fields everywhere.  I don't think there was a time, that it was ready for harvest, that we didn't stop and get some so that I could take it to school for show and tell.  Yes, I will take those 10 or 20 Extra Credit Points....thank you!  It was just amazing to see.  We passed where they already had 2 of those huge bales that had already been picked and in a big huge roll.  I explained to Kaleb what we were looking at.  Not sure he understood and probably really didn't understand when Mommy got out of the car and pick a twig with 2 cotton blooms on them.  We talked about cotton balls and Q-tips.  I'm sure he was not  impressed but I was busy thinking and remembering. 

In the midst of seeing the cotton fields, my mind left and went to the scriptures for a while. 
He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Luke 10:2.  I thought about my friends that have left the country to be missionaries.  One couple has returned and another just left.  The Lord made it clear that they were to go.  The harvest is plentiful and they answered His call. 
Yet we here in the states, in our neighborhoods, on our streets, in our homes, in our groups of the harvest plentiful?  Are you busy being a worker for the harvest?  As we drove along the road, I couldn't help but wonder if the Lord sees groups of people as those cotton plants. 
Ready! Bloomed! White fields! Just Waiting! for that harvester, farmer, to come and harvest.  Is He waiting for me in my "field" of influence to harvest?  It was almost an overwhelming thought as we drove a long.  What am I doing?
Where am I busy working and planting, watering and sowing and preparing ground for the one who may do the harvesting?  Just because I took part doesn't mean I that I will see the final bloom.  That is OK.  As long as I did what He ask of me.  That is what is important! 
What about you? 
Do you see or live in a field of white? 
It was truly something to ponder.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a MAKE-OVER!!!!!!

Well, it was time. Time to clean house and make some changes and see what happens.  I've been doing this blog for a while and thought that today was as good as any to make some changes. 
Things that have changed.....
1. New Name (same web-address)
2. Clean lines
3. Narrow column for writing
4. Pages are now listed at the bottom.
5. Twitter is gone. (I don't have time to Tweet)
6. I'm not good at putting Labels on my post so the "search" wasn't working to well.
7. The "Tickers" are gone (i.e. school, running etc).  Those will just be in the post as we go.
8. Thanks to Hot Bliggity Blog for the background.  I just love it!!!!!!!
So, now it's your turn to chime in.  What do you think?  Any suggestions or ideas?  I would love to hear them!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011's about time...right????

Well lets just say that life has been turned upside down.  I started my new job, which by the way, 4 weeks in and still loving it. We have been so busy and trying to remember how I worked full time and and did everything else.  Not to mention, learning how to have the energy to work 2-12 hour days and balance everything has been such a challenge. 
Funny how being out of work for 6 months can spoil you and cause you to forget how to do the simple things.  Such as trying to figure out when to go to the gym.  The what?  Yes, the gym.  I haven't been there in 6 weeks.  I could find myself not running in February if I don't get it together and soon. 
Mom is now doing better.  She had a bit of set back and had to have an additional procedure done so we are getting there but it has taken longer than we expected but that's OK.  She is recovering beautifully and that is what matters.  Planning Thanksgiving in Ga. early which will be great!!!!!!
Start 3rd shift this week on Thursday.  Excited and nervous all at the same time.  A bit overwhelming and what am I going to do if I can't read their writing or I forget everything?  I know that won't happen but it makes me worry at the same time. 
Spending some much needed time to rest this weekend and enjoying the beach and the sun.  LOVED today so very much.  Little Man played on the beach for hours and it was just wonderful.  LOVE the beach and the sun.  I could sooooo live here!!!!!!!!!  It's up to the Lord for that.  I don't see that happening but you never know what He could have planned.  I have for sure learned that in the last year!!!!!!! 
I have some down time while we are hear and have somethings I want to write and share about so I am hoping for time to sit and use the computer and blog a bit if the Little Man is busy about his playing. 
I am working on 2 different studies and some changes have occurred and want the time to share. 
Stay tuned!!!!!!!