Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost Here......

This has been the most fun.
 I have posted on Twitter.
I posted on Facebook and even on the sidebar here. 
NOVEMBER 1st is coming!!!!!!! 
I have had several ask me..."What's up?"
Now, if I told everyone, that wouldn't be a surprise now would it?
Right now I believe that only my Hubby knows what is coming and he won't tell! 
No, I won't give you any hints.
No, I won't send you an e-mail
No, I won't text you either or send you a Tweet.
You will just have to wait and see what's coming........
Any guesses????? 
Any thoughts or ideas??????
Most of you will not be shocked.
If you know me at all, you probably have an idea anyway.
I'm so excited I could bust!!!!!!!! 

Not much longer.............

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