Monday, October 24, 2011

What a Weekend

What an awesome and busy weekend.  Saturday night was AWESOME!!!!!  We try to get together with my brother Jeff and his wife Ashley when we can.  We are busy or he is driving or going camping.  So this time we planned a couple of weeks out and said that we would meet up and go to dinner.  Well, I thought about that and chose to just have them over instead.
IT WAS A BLAST!!!  Kyle was even home, which is VERY unusual.  We had enough food to feed an army and plenty of left overs but the fun of just having them here was just GREAT!!!!!  We ate until I thought we would all explode!!!! You have to understand, my brother is an AWESOME cook.  He cooks what some would call "real food".  Cast iron pans, fatback, bacon, "real seasoning".  You get the picture.  He made the most awesome Mexican cornbread that I have ever eaten!!!!!  I will for sure get the recipe for it!!!! 
So, on the menu we had the following....
White Chicken Chili (Mama's recipe)
Buttermilk Chicken
Bo's Specialty Meat
Mexican Cornbread
Plain Cornbread (for Kyle)
Apple Cobbler
Egg Custard
Of course, all homemade!!!!!!  I could have just eaten the Mexican cornbread and forgotten the rest!!!!!  I am the worlds worst at inviting people to our house.  I always feel like its not clean enough, to many toys, the carpet has stains or any other excuse I can think of.  Well, I have decided that life is just to short and that needs to change.  We are going to have people over!!!!!
Do you have people over?
Do you worry about your house?
Do you worry about the kids?
Any idea's for get-togethers?
Fun foods that you like to eat? 


Top Ten Monday (thankfulness)
1. Resting today
2.Caring Director that called to see how my job was going and if I needed anything.
3. Kyle
4. Hubby getting Little Man dressed this morning.
5. Kyle doing his laundry
6. Getting little things done that I usually don't have time for.
7. Watching Kaleb dance in the backseat to a fun song about Jesus
8. Kyle having a second interview on Thursday
9. Planning early Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad
10. Giving up my calendar to the Lord and allowing Him to arrange it!

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Anonymous said...

We constantly have people at our house. I don't stress. We do five minute fire-drill at our house 3x a day to keep it picked up, I make sure my bed is made and the downstairs bathroom is presentable at all times. Then come on in. When I keep up with those things it is easy and relaxing to invite people over on a whim after church or a day at the park.