Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday-----Best Day Of The Week

This morning was a bit hectic.  We thought we had childcare at 8am.  We overslept and showed up at 8am but woke up at 7:20am.  It was a bit nuts.  We ended up in church for worship.  We evidently were suppose to be there last week.  Confusion but that's OK. 
We worshipped!!!!!  Casting Crowns Song- Who am I.  Video was shown as intro to sermon based on Psalm 8.  I just loved it!!!!!!  It's one of those songs that you could either do one of 2 things.  On the floor with your face in the carpet or on your feet with hands raised.  Just a powerful message.
We went to Sunday School and had a great lesson and conversation about John 3.  Just a wonderful day!!!  It is cool outside. Sun is shining. Leaves are falling. Trees are beautiful. Just a perfect time of the year!!!!!!! 
I hope you made it to worship today. I plan on napping and spending some time in The Word this afternoon. I am sure I will be back with more later this afternoon.  Enjoy your day and we will talk again soon. 

Top 10 Sunday......
1. Pastor that preaches the word without sugar coating it.
2. Scripture that speaks volumes to my heart.
3. Christian music
4. Church family that loves me.
5. Kaleb loves his class.
6. Godly men and women that teach.
8. Attending with persecution
9. A Heavenly Father that speaks to me.
10. A Savior who died for me.

Ponder this!

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Ashley said...

You should've seen them sing that song last night live! Talk about POWERFUL!!! It was Awesome!