Monday, September 19, 2011

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!

I am not sure that I can even put into words what all has happened this week.  It has been like nothing else.  It was just another reminder for me that He is ultimately in control and Pam is not!!!!! 
Grab a cup of coffee and lets get going on this because there is so much to share.

Monday-9/12- Well, this was the beginning of a wild week.  My Mom had her surgery on this day.  They were able to get all of the cancer and checked her lymph nodes and they were all CLEAR!!!!  I was receiving text all during the day and it was so hard to contain my excitement. I thought I was going to bust out and have church right there in the meeting.  I was in Orientation.  It was also my first day at my new job and starting a week of Orientation.  I was stunned and what an opportunity that I had stepped into.  It was absolutely overwhelmingly-amazed (not sure if that is a word or not).Kaleb was also having a big day.  He was the new kid in the room at a new day care.  I knew he was in good hands and just praying that he was having a good day and behaving. It was all going to be very different and very new and very structured.  To top of such a day it was also my birthday and the Facebook messages, the texts, the e-mails and the cards were just unbelievable.  It was a Monday that will not be forgotten very soon at all.  Even as I sit and type this it seems like it was so long ago.

Tuesday-9/13-I was back at Orientation and learning more and more.  There was benefits. There was history of the hospital. There was meeting with all of the new employees of the hospital and all kinds of information on infection, and so very much to remember.  Kaleb was having a wonderful day at school.  His report from yesterday was wonderful and I was just praying that he was continuing with that.  Mom and Dad were home.  She was discharged a couple of hours after her out patient procedure and she was recovering well. 

Wednesday-9/14- Getting back in the swing of being at work.  Orientation was now going to focus on what I was going to be doing.  I was so excited.  Everyone in this group were training for a NS(Nurse Secretary).  Some were already Nurse Techs (NT) and they were transitioning into being NS as well.  They already had a lot of the information but some was still new to them.  We get a 3 ring binder with so much more information.  WOW!!!  INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!!!!  At the same time, I am so very grateful because in my old position at work I was required to go into the hospital information and retrieve information on our patients, I knew my way around a bit.  It made things so much easier.  Kaleb had a great day!!!!!!!

Thursday-9/15- Back to Orientation.  Meeting at round table talking about charts and how they are put together and where charts go with different scenario's.  Most made sense but at the same time I had my notebook sitting in front of me.  On the floor I would have it for a while and then not anymore.  I had a meeting with my Supervisor after this day.  It was a WOW moment and little of "OH MY GOODNESS".  A meeting that wouldn't last to long was about 1 1/2 hours of more information.  I was totally.....speechless.  To see the schedule with the color codes and the abbreviations was just incredible. My immediate thought was...."what if I can't remember all of this when I get home?" 

Friday-9/16-Last day of Orientation and we get to have lunch with the VP of the hospital.  She was wonderful and very down to earth.  Typically you would think that they would be in an office and not be seen but that is so not the case.  We got a tour of the hospital.  I knew it was big but WOW!!!!!  That was amazing.  Now if I can just remember how to get from one end to the other.....hahahaha. 
Mom went back to check in with the surgeon that did her surgery to get the final path report.  They had good clear margins and the lymph nodes were clear.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!

That was my week. I am tired just thinking about it all over again.  I sit and am just amazed and what the Lord did this week.  This had absolutely nothing to do with me.  NOTHING!!!!  It was all HIM!!!!!  And to Him all the glory!!!!!!
Today I am off and reviewing all of my notes and getting a small notebook ready for my first day on the floor tomorrow.  I have a great person to work with for the next 3 weeks. 
Laundry and ironing is done.  Dishwasher has run. Beds are made. Had 2 cups of coffee (Ukrainian of course) and now to review and process and before long it will be time to pick up Little Man.  Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Six

I missed the Friday Five from Sarah so I decided I would do a Saturday Six. Corny-yes but it was as good as I could get......So let's get started......

1. I LOVE being a Doula.  The other week I attended my last birth for a while.  It was really kind of bittersweet.  It was of course a beautiful delivery and I am amazed at everyone.  I have chosen to take a brake for a bit while I am getting into my new job.  I will miss it greatly!!!!
2. I LOVE teaching Childbirth Education.  That is one of the most rewarding things.  It is amazing to watch a Mom and Dad find out that they have choices and options when it comes to the birth experience they want for their new baby.  You can almost see the light come on in their eyes.  Encouragement, Education and Empowerment.  Amazing!!!!!!!!

3. I LOVE newborns.  There is something so very precious about them.  They have "stuff" all over them.  They are slippery. They are screaming. They are all wrinkled. They are a gift!!!!  They are a new creation. They are a new life.  They are just precious!!!!!

4. I LOVE church celebrations.  On Sunday this year, we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary.  It is absolutely amazing to me that it's been 25 years.  I started attending when Kyle was 1 year old.  It has grown and changed so very much.  I am blessed to be a part of it.
5. I LOVE journaling.  Thanks to some very precious women, Marsha and Peggy, I became a "Journal-er" numerous years ago.  I have at least 1 16-gallon container that has journals in them.  They always amaze me to see where I have come from.  What a blessing!  If you want to know more about it, just let me know.  I love to share.

6. I LOVE encouraging others to start running.  Sometimes I do really well at it and sometimes people look at me like I have totally lost my mind.  It's on of those things that if you just give it a would love it.  I run alone most of the time hear lately.  Would love to find someone to run with. There is a book that I value so very much.  It is an EASY read.  It is so very practical!!!!!!  I would encourage you to pick it up.  I also think it VERY encouraging as well.  Check it out! 

So, there you have my Saturday Six.......Have a great day!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love Trail Mix

At my old job, people would laugh and poke fun at what I would eat.  It's funny because I would bring something and they would turn their nose up and the next time they would all want some.  GO FIGURE!!!!  The big joke was that "Pam will eat anything including grass and twigs."  Well, they are partly right.  I love trail mix.  Hear me clearly.......I love what I make as trail mix.  I don't typically buy the kind in the bag.  Yes, there are some really good one's out there.  They typically cost more than I want to pay but making my own is soooo much better.  I get to control what I put in them.  It is never the same twice.  So I thought I would share what would typically go in mine.

Nuts- MUST!!!!  Almonds, peanuts, walnuts and even pecans at time. 
Raisins/Dried Fruit - MUST!!!!  Cranberries, golden raisins, dark raisins, cranraisins, cherries, blueberries, apricots, figs and whatever else may look good.
Oats-(optional)-the reason I say optional is that it is a time factor for me.  If I am making a mix with oats, I like to add honey and toast them slowly so that are a little sweet and crunchy.  Eating raw oats is not something I would recommend. 

Seeds- MUST!!!!- Sunflower, pumpkin, and any other kind that you might like.  Typically I get toasted and unsalted.
CHOCOLATE- yes I said chocolate.  That is not an error.  I like that little surprise ever once in a while.  It's a different sweet than the fruits.  Yes, there is a catch.  I buy the ones that are fruit sweetened.  I actually like them better.  You can find them in bulk at Earth Fare and Whole Foods.  They are so worth it. 

So, what I typically do is go to the store that sells all of this in a bulk section.  I get a scoop of this and a scoop of that.  Get home and dump all the bags into a giant bowl and stir it all up.  Then either put it in an air tight container or separate into smaller bags for snacking.  If I am doing the oats I would do the same except for the oats.  They get mixed with about 1/2 cup of honey for every pound to pound and a half of oats.  Spread onto a baking sheet and bake at 325 degrees for a total of 30-40 minutes but you MUST stir/toss every 10 minutes or the edges will burn.  It's a food-of-love thing.  Once it is COMPLETELY cooled, mix in with the other items and there you have it.  Not only is it good for snacking but throw some on top of yogurt in the morning, throw a handful into your salad or even a small handful into tuna or chicken salad ( you might want to pick out the chocolate....I don't, but you can).  It's just good!!!!!!!!

Try your hand at it and let me know what you put in yours.  You will just love it!!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five

What have you fallen in LOVE with this week?

1. I LOVE this new logo I found.  It's the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon in the form of a runner.  I ran the Women's Only here in Greensboro one year and wrote someones name on it and gave it to her daughter.  2 years ago I ran in it and gave my number to Mama Jean.  This year I will run it for MY MOM and her name will be on my number!!!!!!!
2. I LOVE the Women Mentoring Women groups that have started at Cornerstone this year.  I can't wait to see all the women that are signed up and doing this.  I found out today there are a little over 50 members involved. Small groups.  Books to read. Journals to write. Prayer logs to watch the Lord answer.  HOW EXCITING!!!!!!

3. I LOVE to run in new places.  I'm always "clocking" different routes and looking for sidewalks to go and run.  A new race is coming so training has begun.  New places are always fun because it's a distraction!!!!

4. I LOVE Myrtle Beach.  Not only to I love the beach and time spent there is always special but they have a Full Marathon and a Half Marathon in February.  That is my goal at the moment, the half!!!!.  Long Term I should say.  There is something about running it early in the morning, usually very cool, and seeing the sun come up on the horizon.  You just have to experience it.  I also love the fact that Nick and Michelle are running this year!!!!!!

5.I LOVE Facebook.  Yes, we use it for a million different reasons.  I post silly things. I post quotes, scripture, Kaleb-quotes, and whatever pops in my head at times.  The other side of that is the fact that I can get on Facebook, and the "Friends" that I have, and post a prayer request, send a message to "Pray-ers" and know without a doubt they will be praying about whatever it is.  I also know that I can share excitement over answers to prayer and they jump in and encourage me.  That is what I LOVE about Facebook. 

So, these are my Friday Fives.  What have you fallen in LOVE with this week????

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's the "C" Word

Yes, the "C" word.  You know the one.  My Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 17 years ago.  The Lord, ssurgery and radiation healed her.  This year, it has returned.  I wasn't sure what I would do.  I wasn't sure how I would react.  This is NOT about me.  This is about my Mom. Of course, the typical questions during prayer and quiet time.  The fear. The anger. The tears. The rejoicing in the fact that He is in control.
I was actually sharing with someone about this.  So I thought I would share it here. 
I knew the day that Mom and Dad were going back to see the surgeon that had done the biopsy.  I messed on the time of the appt.  I thought it was at 9:30 but it was later, like 11:30am.  Of course in my mind, it was 11am and no one had called me yet and I was going nuts.  Praying and pleading to the Lord was what I was doing.  It was a clear as bell.  It was if He was sitting in the car with me.  "I got this Pam, would you please just REST".  I can't explain it.  I just know WHO it was.  Calm and peace like nothing else. 
Shortly my "sister" Tami calls.  "Your Mom's appt is RIGHT NOW! so let's pray." I explained to her that I couldn't utter a word out loud without just falling apart.  I left Kaleb and Kyle at home.  I drove down the street and pulled over with her on my bluetooth in the car.  She prayed. I cried. And once again that peace was there.  I drove on and went for a run. That is what "runners" do during stress.  We run.  I ran.  3 1/2 miles that morning because I couldn't stop.  I rounded the corner when my phone rang.  It was Mom on the other end.  I stopped and we talked. She sounded great.  I knew what was coming. 
It is breast cancer.  It is VERY treatable. It's a VERY SMALL place. They will do what they did before with radiation to follow, just as before.  I guess you call it "bittersweet" news.  The alternative to this conversation could have gone something like, "Its large, untreatable and you have 6 months"
 I'm SO PRAISING MY LORD!!!!!!  He's got this!!!!! 
So she's to have surgery........on Sept. 12.  My birthday AND the day I start my new job.  So the only option is to give it back to HIM again. 
Yes, we covet your prayers.
Yes, we need your prayers.
Yes, we love you.
Yes, we still have our moments.
Yes, we still have tears at times.
Yes, we trust in a God that is bigger than Cancer!!!!!!!!! 
So, I have made my decision to trust Him again and again. 
How about you? 
How big is your God?