Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's the "C" Word

Yes, the "C" word.  You know the one.  My Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 17 years ago.  The Lord, ssurgery and radiation healed her.  This year, it has returned.  I wasn't sure what I would do.  I wasn't sure how I would react.  This is NOT about me.  This is about my Mom. Of course, the typical questions during prayer and quiet time.  The fear. The anger. The tears. The rejoicing in the fact that He is in control.
I was actually sharing with someone about this.  So I thought I would share it here. 
I knew the day that Mom and Dad were going back to see the surgeon that had done the biopsy.  I messed on the time of the appt.  I thought it was at 9:30 but it was later, like 11:30am.  Of course in my mind, it was 11am and no one had called me yet and I was going nuts.  Praying and pleading to the Lord was what I was doing.  It was a clear as bell.  It was if He was sitting in the car with me.  "I got this Pam, would you please just REST".  I can't explain it.  I just know WHO it was.  Calm and peace like nothing else. 
Shortly my "sister" Tami calls.  "Your Mom's appt is RIGHT NOW! so let's pray." I explained to her that I couldn't utter a word out loud without just falling apart.  I left Kaleb and Kyle at home.  I drove down the street and pulled over with her on my bluetooth in the car.  She prayed. I cried. And once again that peace was there.  I drove on and went for a run. That is what "runners" do during stress.  We run.  I ran.  3 1/2 miles that morning because I couldn't stop.  I rounded the corner when my phone rang.  It was Mom on the other end.  I stopped and we talked. She sounded great.  I knew what was coming. 
It is breast cancer.  It is VERY treatable. It's a VERY SMALL place. They will do what they did before with radiation to follow, just as before.  I guess you call it "bittersweet" news.  The alternative to this conversation could have gone something like, "Its large, untreatable and you have 6 months"
 I'm SO PRAISING MY LORD!!!!!!  He's got this!!!!! 
So she's to have surgery........on Sept. 12.  My birthday AND the day I start my new job.  So the only option is to give it back to HIM again. 
Yes, we covet your prayers.
Yes, we need your prayers.
Yes, we love you.
Yes, we still have our moments.
Yes, we still have tears at times.
Yes, we trust in a God that is bigger than Cancer!!!!!!!!! 
So, I have made my decision to trust Him again and again. 
How about you? 
How big is your God?

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