Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What A Week!!!!!

You know it's always going to be a busy week when it starts off with running errands.  I ran on Monday more errands that I thought and then came home.  My last "Mom" was going in at 7pm to be induced so I was already "on-call" for that.  Well, praise the Lord, she went in on her own.  AWESOME!!!!!!  They called when they were ready for me about 10:30pm.  Off to the hospital!!!!  I'm in "The Zone" and ready.  Baby girl arrived at 12:58pm the next day.  Amazingly I came home and cleaned and the CRASHED at 8pm.  I was PAST tired!!!!!! 

Today was another repeat.  Kaleb and I left this morning at 9am and literally did errands ALL DAY LONG!!!!!Here and there and here and there.  What a day!!!!!  I'm so grateful he was having a good day.  He was PERFECT!!!  We went to the "Dinosaur Store" also known as AC Moore and he got to pick something out. Came home and once again, CRASHED!!!!!!

It has been a very full week!!!!!!!!  So very thankful for what the Lord is doing and seeing Him in EVERY thing!  It just amazes me!

How has your week been?

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