Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homebirth Story-Day 2

I had a hospital birth with many interventions with my first child, so I knew I wanted something different the next time. After he was born I started reading about all the dangers of the interventions and things some doctors and hospitals do, things the doctors never told me about, or how risky they could have been. While Rylan was perfect, I felt bad that I didn't have the birthing process I had hoped for and they did unnecessary things to me and my baby that could have turned out badly.

I knew I wanted nothing to do with the interventions when I got pregnant again, and started looking for ways to help me avoid them and have a beautiful natural birthing process. I found out about homebirths and someone helped me get in touch with a Midwife. It was wonderful! The prenatal appointments were so much more personal, no cold waiting room and someone who actually cared and didn't try to rush and get me out quickly. I didn't have to leave my home while in labor and talk to a bunch of strangers. My midwife and her assistance were there for me and didn't have to run next door for another patient. Very importantly Rylan was able to be there with me and watch his baby brother come into the world, which he would not have been able to do at any of the hospitals I would have had to go to otherwise. Also my husband, who was very nervous about the idea, was happy that we had a home birth, he was able to relax and help me while taking care of our son instead of being pushed aside by doctors and nurses and medical equipment.

But still the very best benefit to having a homebirth was getting my natural, drug free, intervention free, empowering, loving birth I had dreamed of. My baby, Altyn was born at home, in our bathtub, just a few hours after our midwife arrived. He was perfect and the birth was beautiful. I know this is how I want to birth any future children and I want to educate other people about their options.

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!

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