Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Calm Down!!!!

Why you ask?
Several things actually.......
So excited because the Lord is moving and working.  He is SOOO a Mountain Mover
So excited to be going to Ga. for 2 different weekends in Sept.  I am so excited.  Our schedule has been so nuts this summer but will be so GREAT!!!!!!! 
So excited to be going to Myrtle for a long weekend in October during Fall Break which I think will be right after Mid-Terms so that will be good.
So excited because I have purchased school supplies for ME!!  How weird is that!!!!??!!!!
So excited to go and see a GREAT friend who has been offered an awesome job and she will be leaving the place that I once worked and going on a new adventure and they are having a "lunch" for her tomorrow.
So excited that I am planning on returning to Myrtle in February for the Dasani Half Marathon
So excited because I got to go and run 4 miles on the road today...(even though it took 2 hours to stop sweating)
So excited that I found out this morning that Michelle and Nick will be going to. (they are much faster than me but that is OK)
So excited because school schedule is complete.
So excited because Long Run schedule is planned and written on my calendar for February.  28 weeks just in case you were wondering....hahaha
What are you so excited about??????

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