Friday, August 12, 2011


I have a friend named Sarah who has a blog that I LOVE.  So, I thought I would try to do something like she does.  I am sure that mine will not match hers.  She has such a way with words and pictures but let's give it a shot.  You can see her blog here.

I LOVE the Friday Five!!

1.I LOVE Running!!!!!!!  This is one of my biggest passions.  Of course it doesn't compare to Christ!!!!  I love running because it is a stress release for me.  There is something about getting a good sweat and exercising that just does it for me.  It is absolutely amazing to consider where I was and where I am headed.  I love seeing other people jump on board and go for it.  I am NOT FAST!!!!  I run/walk.  It is for sure something that I LOVE!
2. I LOVE teaching Childbirth Classes and being a Doula.  This is one LOVE that I don't see me getting rid of anytime.  I am putting it on the sidelines for right now for school but I am sure that it will come back for sure.  I had a difficult time with my first child (yes, that was 22+ years ago) but I am passionate that women are educated, encouraged and empowered.  That is what I want every Mom to be.

3.I LOVE great friends.  I love it when I get to spend time with them and share, talk, cry, pray, encourage, laugh, giggle, and just plane have a good time.  That is what we are to do.  I'm sorry to say because life has been so busy, we have not done that much but my prayer is to change that.  I LOVE my friends and it's time!!!!!!
4. I LOVE my boys!!!!!!  I don't have many pictures of the 3 of them together and this was a couple of years ago at the beach.  They don't have a clue how much I love them.  I just hope they realize it!!!!!

5. I LOVE my parents!!!!!  THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!  They have walked beside me through it all!!!!  I am so very gratefull for them!!!!!!!
So this is my Friday Five!!!! What have you fallen in LOVE with?

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