Monday, August 15, 2011

Twisting and Winding

No where in scripture are we ever promised that our "road" of life will be smooth, comfortable and straight.  I have learned that more since April 29th than I ever wanted to. Goes back to the "Word for 2011" and my head is just spinning when I try to think through it all.
Today is no different. 
Today at 2pm will be another curve in the road.  This one feels like a one of the many "Hairpin" turns that I have ridden on in India. This is one I didn't see coming.  Not in a million years.
School starts next Monday/
I will post this afternoon and give a bit more detail. 

The weekend was busy, running here and there and had Childbirth Education Class here in the home.  It was great and a great group of Mom's and Dad's.  I only have this group for 3 weeks.  Tonight is the last night for a different group.  So funny how we get attached when we have only known them for so long. 

Still running, although this weekend didn't have much in the way of running because of being busy and the weather.  However, this morning, I enjoyed a great run and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  It was 72 when I got out of the car!!!!!  LOVED IT!!!!!!

Off to get some other things done and will chat soon. 

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