Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello Again!!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this week and reading all of the homebirth stories and being inspired by them.  It was a blessing to be able to have them sent to me and read them.  They are empowering and encouraging.  If you missed any of them, feel free to scroll down and take a look and take some time to read them. 

Lots has been happening in the past week.  Because I was running the "special" I didn't want to interrupt and have 2 or 3 postings in a day. 
So, let me catch you up just a little bit.

Class Schedule for School- I went in to the "Meeting/Registration" and rec'd more information than I wanted and listened to somewhat arrogant people and then some that made me feel like I was older than dirt.  I went in and met with an Advisor from the Nursing Dept. and she was able to get me registered with  ALL of the classes that I wanted and needed.  I was about to bust a gut when I left.  I have a VERY full and VERY demanding schedule but WHEN (not if) I can get through this semester, I can do anything.  So on the plate we have........Math (more of a refresher than anything), English, Psych, and Biology.  I have 2 on line and 2 in class.  I am VERY excited and VERY nervous and VERY excited and VERY overwhelmed. It's been 20+ years.  That is a VERY long time and now diving back into this is just......WOW is all I know to say. 

Facebook- I joined a Facebook Group from a previous Mom that I had and from what I can tell, we are all Christians (what a blessing!) and we are all on a Fitness journey of some sort.  It is so encouraging.  There is never a time that you post something that someone doesn't respond with encouragement or a WHOOHOOO!!!! or just a simple, "praying for you". 

Childcare Grant- This week checking on my e-mail at school and the Website that we use as students, it popped up for the possibility of Childcare Grant.  Well, this was very exciting and I for sure didn't want to pass that up.  We printed the form and I have dropped it off.  Now we wait.  This is the part that is the hardest for me.  I want to turn something in and know something right a way.  I am learning more about patience than I ever wanted to know.  We will see!!!!  It's on the sidebar, so we will keep you posted. 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT--Time is ticking down.  I have a "Mom" due at the end of August.  She will be my last one for a while.  Now, if I have been your Doula in the past, and you need me again, I Can Be There For You!!!!!!  I have just chosen after MUCH prayer to put the Doula business on hold.  It is so hard for me to let that go but I just have to right now with school.  I want to nail school with A's and B's.  Getting into the nursing program, C's are really not acceptable.  Lots of study and lots of computer, books and learning.  Being a Doula has opened so many doors and for those I am most grateful.  I may resume this adventure in January but will have to see how this semester goes.  I am also putting my Childbirth Education Classes on hold until the Spring Semester for the same reason.  I need to get into the swing of how this is all going to work and get re-oriented to school AND family.

Well, that about catches you up with the goings on around here.  Off to see my "Mom" that is due in 20 days and then off to church and reception to wish a VERY close friend farewell in their families journey to the mission field of Spain.  Check in with me tomorrow.  I will share the message this morning from Pastor Jim.  Very Powerful and Very Convicting!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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