Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homebirth Story-Day 6

Choosing to homebirth was just seemed natural to me. (no pun intended). My first child was born at a birth center about 20 minutes from us and we had a great natural birth experience. It didn't turn out to be the negative torturous experience I'd anticipated at all, not pleasant, but totally normal!

In the 4 years it took me to get pregnant again the birth center had closed, I'd had friends that had homebirthed and we'd lost the ability to qualify for Medicaid, while still unable to afford insurance. Being short on cash, I researched and studied and found that homebirth was not only a viable option, and cheaper, it wouldn't be much different than the experience I'd had at the Birth Center--only we wouldn't have to get up hours after the process to go home and settle, we'd be there!

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