Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have been blessed beyond measure with 2 boys.  Yes, they maybe 18 years apart but I wouldn't have it any other way.  They are both blessings.  I am just amazed that the Lord so richly blessed me with them.  Kaleb is 4 1/2 and keeps me young and on my toes.  He is a sweetheart and loves to snuggle.  He loves to make his point and make sure that you heard what he said and then make you laugh in the midst of trying to correct him. 

Kyle, well he is soon to be 23.  I still just tremble when I say that or even type it.  It can almost be overwhelming and then makes me wonder where in the world has the time gone.  I doesn't seem that long ago he was Kaleb's age.  Just amazes me.  For the last year or so, he has been trying to find "the photography" job that he wants.  You see, he has an eye for a photography like nothing I have ever seen.  He can point and click and it is just amazing.  His favorite line when people find out he is a photographer is "I don't shoot people".  He's not kidding.  That is NOT his thing.  Give him a car, an engine, a Pepsi can, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and you will be amazed.  He is a featured photographer on a blog, been in multiple magazines and just recently, made cover on an automotive magazine.  Give him a drift even and you would think he was in heaven.  Just amazing!!!!!!!! 
He interviewed for a job about 4 weeks ago. And we waited.  He had a 2nd interview and we waited.  Then a 3rd with a "Director" of sorts and once again we waited.  This job would require training for 2 weeks in Florida, a possible move to Raleigh, an opportunity for Kyle to stand on his own 2 feet.  We, his family, have prayed, and prayed and prayed.  Last week he went for the 3rd interview and was told that he would know something by the first of the week.  It was between Kyle and another candidate.  I thought we were all going to have a nervous breakdown.  Nothing still on Wednesday.  Kyle e-mailed and then called on Thursday and left a message.  Found out someone had a family emergency but would let him know by end of the day on Friday.  Well, Friday arrived and I thought I was going to bust when he called me about 3:15pm and told me...."I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!"  I was sooooo excited!!!!!!!  I hung up the phone and was being loud in the car when Kaleb very politely said...."Mommy, you are being to loud". 
We now have a flight itinerary and dates for training.  We are all so excited for him!!!!!!!!  This is a great job and will still allow for some of his other shoots.  So much to plan for. So much to do.

All of this to say....Kyle, we are sooooo very proud of you!!!!!  We love you so much!!!!!!  We can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for you!!!!!!!!!  What an opportunity!!!!!!  What a blessing you are!!!!!!!

Love you,
Mom, Dad, Bo, Lynn, Amber, Mema and Papa McManus, MeMa and Papa Hendrix, Kaleb, Jeff and Ashley, Kris and Kent, Mike, and the rest of the family members!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving in Georgia!

Shelby's Mountain-The view from the deck

Mom, Jeff and Me
Mom and Savannah
Jeff, Aunt Savannah and Bo

The Family

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Need To Refocus

Well, things are for sure changing and going in different directions.  The key is to be positive and learn.  Problem is....I can't seem to be very positive.  It kind of feels like being so wrapped up in your circumstances that you can't see past the end of your nose. I have been here before. I don't like it. I want to get past it. I'm done with it but it just seems to continue to be there.  Just kind of a bummer!!!!!  I know what I need to do. I just can't seem to do it.  That is the problem. 

I had plans of running in the February race at Myrtle Beach.  So much so that I had my calendar done. My training all figured out and then the new job happened. At first,,,,not a problem. Well, now it's a big problem. I don't believe I will be going. I haven't registered and I am so far off on training, I just don't see it happening. It is just so hard because I had it all planned out. I mean down to the last detail. 

Working third shift truly has its advantages and well it's disadvantages.  It is very hard to chat with people at 3 am because most people are asleep. It's hard because most of my friends work and now I sleep during the day. That has really become a learning curve.  I can sleep until around 1 and then I'm up. But going to work on 5-6 hours sleep and working 12 hours is rough!!!!!!

I've learned very quickly how much I have been addicted to Facebook.  To the point of posting way to much information and then it seems silly.  I post my blog entries on there but I'm really thinking about changing that and just posting my Food Blog on there and not this one so much.  Maybe I need to just take a rest.  Take a break and not go there for a while. 

Trying to figure out how to work this shift and take advantage of the perks.  At the same time missing what I used to do as well.  Missing putting Little Man to bed. Missing waking up to him at 6 am wanting snuggle time before it was time to get up. Family meals at the table. Just the simple things. I do get about an hour and half with him before Bo gets home and I have to get ready for work or time for a quick dinner, bath, teeth and then Mommy is out the door. 

Now before you go and tell me I am being all negative and I need to get a grip, I already know that.  I realized that half way through the post.  The problem is that I have become so very self focused.  That is where my brain has landed and it is totally wrong and not where it should be. I get it!!!  Trust me I do!!!!  I'm in a place of adjustment.  The Lord has brought me here. Do I like it at present? Not so much. Am I learning from it? Yes. Is it hard? UNBELIEVABLY hard! 

You see, as I wrote, I realized.  There were a lot I's, Me's, and My's in the post.  I've even highlighted them for you. My focus has become on what Pam wants to do and not what the Lord wants Pam to do. So, to repair this ugly thought process.......I have to change my focus and put it back where it should be.  What does He want and what does He want from me

His ways are higher than mine. It's time for me to go HIS WAY and not mine!!!!!!

For sure a lot to ponder!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Step At A Time

Something's never seem to amaze me. If you have been following me, you know of my adventure this spring/summer about going back to school and the adventure of getting ready and then having everything turned upside down by being offered a job that I NEVER saw coming!!!!

Now I have a big decision and choice or choices to make. I have Pell Grant Money for the Spring Semester and now the choice of what in the world to take. At this present moment, I have not a clue. It is interesting that when I was "ready" for school, I was going full steam ahead into nursing. That was exactly what was going to happen. I have mentioned it in talking with people and other nurses here at the hospital and they have made me really think about it.
Here is the Scenario.....

I'm 40+. No need for real numbers. If I took online classes for this semester and do well with that. I would be required to do at least 1 if not 2 with a lab next semester. Not really sure if that would work with my schedule first off.

Secondly- Since I am not on the "course-outline" that I was on last semester and things have been very stretched out, I am looking at least 2+ years before I can even apply for the program.

Thirdly- The hospital has basically phased out LPN's so that would not work.

Fourth- The hospital is now encouraging the 2 year RN's to get their BSN and are going so far as to provide some of that in-house.

Fifth- I would be very close to 50 by the time I am done.

Bottom line- Do I want to be 50 years old and trying to start a new career? The nurses that I have spoken with at the hospital around this age basically tell me I have lost my mind and why in the world would I want to do that. Some have even told me to really rethink and find something else.

All of that being said....What in the world am I suppose to do??? I have not a clue. Classes for the spring will be most difficult but after that, it will have to be a God thing as to what I am suppose to do. I'm just looking at my schedule right now and trying to figure out how I am going to do these classes and working what I work at present. It's very nerve racking and a little upsetting. What to do? Isaiah talks about the Lord making the path straight and smooth. That is what I am asking Him to do.

For sure something to ponder.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Is To Short

This will be very short but just wanted to share. We went to Ga. this past weekend and had a great time. Coming home was a bit ruff which included an overnight stay in a hotel which made me "ill" (not physically but attitude) because I just wanted to get home. Traffic, accidents, road construction and just to many cars in general made a simple 5 hour trip into 9+ and we stopped at a hotel. I was ill. Bo was ill. Kaleb was exhausted!!!!!!

I pouted.
I whined.
I even stood in the bathroom and cried.
I slept and got over it.
Just exhausted when we finally got home.
Unpacked and then got ready for work.
And then IT happened........

I got a text. I won't share the exact words but it made me feel so much better. So much more needed. So much more valued. It was what I needed. Thanks to my sweet hubby!!!!!! He knew it!!!! I needed it!!!!!!!

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life and the circumstances that we forget to say things to one another. Working in the hospital I have discovered and been reminded....we are not guaranteed tomorrow. If you haven't told your Sweetie something....TELL THEM TODAY!!!!!!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Can You Believe It.....

Well, can you believe it is almost time for Thanksgiving? And then before we know it Christmas will be here and in a blink we will have a New Year!!!!!! What a year this has been!!!!!!

We are having the blessing of going to Ga. for an early Thanksgiving with my parents and my brother will be there with his wife and we will all be together for the first time in almost 5 years for a holiday. I'm so excited I could bust. I am sure that I will have plenty of pictures to share when we get back and of course we will filling up on all the good food. And yes, there will be food pictures to post on the other blog which I am very thrilled about.

I am still adjusting to working 3rd shift. That has come with some very strange changes.
For instance.....
Sleeping during the day
Being awake all night
When are you suppose to eat?
What meal is it when you eat at 3am? Lunch, dinner or breakfast.
When are you suppose to exercise?
I have learned to take naps.
I've also learned that there is no one on Facebook at 3am....hahahaha
I have learned that I can text-chat with my brother at that hour.
Lots of changes. It's all good!!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Up and Here We Go!!

I have to admit I am VERY excited about the new blog.  It is what I would call a labor or love.  Alot of my passions all rolled into one website.  Actually, I was convicted today about the fact that scripture is NOT in the title.  I will be fixing that tonight.  It was just one of those things that I wanted to share with as many people as possible.  I would love to hear from you.

I also wanted to share a few other things that have been happening....and that I am thankful for.  I hope you are continuing to be in the Attitude of Gratitude!!!!!!

Thankful for...
Freedom to write a blog or 2
For the gift of writing
For the gift and ability to share
For friends that encourage me on the journey that He has laid out for me.
For a computer that allows me to share via blogs, Twitter and Facebook.
For other Fellow Bloggers that encourage me.
For safety during the Trick-Or-Treating on Monday evening.
For a box of old Lego's found that are the delight of a 4 year old.
For food in my pantry
For the warm coat(s) that we have in this chilly weather.
For great people to work with who encourage me and tell me "I was a delight to work with" (How that just made my day)
For a hubby that allows me to sleep and rest when I need to in order to work.
For beautiful weather that allowed me to go for a great run on Monday.
For 2 legs that can carry me on a run.
For the beauty He has created that He allows me to experience on a run.
For energy to do what is needed.
For a roof over my head.

I hope you are having a great day!!!!!!  I know I have been so blessed. For sure, something to ponder.


IT IS UP!!!!!!!!

I DID IT!!!! 
I HAVE A NEW BLOG!!!!  (I guess I could say a do-over)
I tried about a year ago or so to do a cooking blog.  Well, life happened and it just wasn't the time. 
Well, NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!!!
Name- Pam's Pantry Ideas.
Followers- PLEASE JUMP IN!!!!!
Start Date- TODAY!!!!!!!!
I even have 26 days worth of reipes scheduled for posting already.
Page for favorite websites on food and nutrition.
Page for "Mass Cooking" and how to do it.
Page for "About Me"
Soon-to-Be Page for Food Pictures (makes me hungry thinking about that one)
BE A FOLLOWER and subscribe by e-mail if you want.