Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Step At A Time

Something's never seem to amaze me. If you have been following me, you know of my adventure this spring/summer about going back to school and the adventure of getting ready and then having everything turned upside down by being offered a job that I NEVER saw coming!!!!

Now I have a big decision and choice or choices to make. I have Pell Grant Money for the Spring Semester and now the choice of what in the world to take. At this present moment, I have not a clue. It is interesting that when I was "ready" for school, I was going full steam ahead into nursing. That was exactly what was going to happen. I have mentioned it in talking with people and other nurses here at the hospital and they have made me really think about it.
Here is the Scenario.....

I'm 40+. No need for real numbers. If I took online classes for this semester and do well with that. I would be required to do at least 1 if not 2 with a lab next semester. Not really sure if that would work with my schedule first off.

Secondly- Since I am not on the "course-outline" that I was on last semester and things have been very stretched out, I am looking at least 2+ years before I can even apply for the program.

Thirdly- The hospital has basically phased out LPN's so that would not work.

Fourth- The hospital is now encouraging the 2 year RN's to get their BSN and are going so far as to provide some of that in-house.

Fifth- I would be very close to 50 by the time I am done.

Bottom line- Do I want to be 50 years old and trying to start a new career? The nurses that I have spoken with at the hospital around this age basically tell me I have lost my mind and why in the world would I want to do that. Some have even told me to really rethink and find something else.

All of that being said....What in the world am I suppose to do??? I have not a clue. Classes for the spring will be most difficult but after that, it will have to be a God thing as to what I am suppose to do. I'm just looking at my schedule right now and trying to figure out how I am going to do these classes and working what I work at present. It's very nerve racking and a little upsetting. What to do? Isaiah talks about the Lord making the path straight and smooth. That is what I am asking Him to do.

For sure something to ponder.


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