Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Is To Short

This will be very short but just wanted to share. We went to Ga. this past weekend and had a great time. Coming home was a bit ruff which included an overnight stay in a hotel which made me "ill" (not physically but attitude) because I just wanted to get home. Traffic, accidents, road construction and just to many cars in general made a simple 5 hour trip into 9+ and we stopped at a hotel. I was ill. Bo was ill. Kaleb was exhausted!!!!!!

I pouted.
I whined.
I even stood in the bathroom and cried.
I slept and got over it.
Just exhausted when we finally got home.
Unpacked and then got ready for work.
And then IT happened........

I got a text. I won't share the exact words but it made me feel so much better. So much more needed. So much more valued. It was what I needed. Thanks to my sweet hubby!!!!!! He knew it!!!! I needed it!!!!!!!

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life and the circumstances that we forget to say things to one another. Working in the hospital I have discovered and been reminded....we are not guaranteed tomorrow. If you haven't told your Sweetie something....TELL THEM TODAY!!!!!!!


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