Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Six

I missed the Friday Five from Sarah so I decided I would do a Saturday Six. Corny-yes but it was as good as I could get......So let's get started......

1. I LOVE being a Doula.  The other week I attended my last birth for a while.  It was really kind of bittersweet.  It was of course a beautiful delivery and I am amazed at everyone.  I have chosen to take a brake for a bit while I am getting into my new job.  I will miss it greatly!!!!
2. I LOVE teaching Childbirth Education.  That is one of the most rewarding things.  It is amazing to watch a Mom and Dad find out that they have choices and options when it comes to the birth experience they want for their new baby.  You can almost see the light come on in their eyes.  Encouragement, Education and Empowerment.  Amazing!!!!!!!!

3. I LOVE newborns.  There is something so very precious about them.  They have "stuff" all over them.  They are slippery. They are screaming. They are all wrinkled. They are a gift!!!!  They are a new creation. They are a new life.  They are just precious!!!!!

4. I LOVE church celebrations.  On Sunday this year, we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary.  It is absolutely amazing to me that it's been 25 years.  I started attending when Kyle was 1 year old.  It has grown and changed so very much.  I am blessed to be a part of it.
5. I LOVE journaling.  Thanks to some very precious women, Marsha and Peggy, I became a "Journal-er" numerous years ago.  I have at least 1 16-gallon container that has journals in them.  They always amaze me to see where I have come from.  What a blessing!  If you want to know more about it, just let me know.  I love to share.

6. I LOVE encouraging others to start running.  Sometimes I do really well at it and sometimes people look at me like I have totally lost my mind.  It's on of those things that if you just give it a would love it.  I run alone most of the time hear lately.  Would love to find someone to run with. There is a book that I value so very much.  It is an EASY read.  It is so very practical!!!!!!  I would encourage you to pick it up.  I also think it VERY encouraging as well.  Check it out! 

So, there you have my Saturday Six.......Have a great day!!!!!!!!!! 

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Sojourner Walker Williams said...

Your site is great! I recently gave birth to my first child and could not have done it without the loving support of my fantastic doula. I am so inspired by the work that you guys do. Keep up the great work :)