Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love Trail Mix

At my old job, people would laugh and poke fun at what I would eat.  It's funny because I would bring something and they would turn their nose up and the next time they would all want some.  GO FIGURE!!!!  The big joke was that "Pam will eat anything including grass and twigs."  Well, they are partly right.  I love trail mix.  Hear me clearly.......I love what I make as trail mix.  I don't typically buy the kind in the bag.  Yes, there are some really good one's out there.  They typically cost more than I want to pay but making my own is soooo much better.  I get to control what I put in them.  It is never the same twice.  So I thought I would share what would typically go in mine.

Nuts- MUST!!!!  Almonds, peanuts, walnuts and even pecans at time. 
Raisins/Dried Fruit - MUST!!!!  Cranberries, golden raisins, dark raisins, cranraisins, cherries, blueberries, apricots, figs and whatever else may look good.
Oats-(optional)-the reason I say optional is that it is a time factor for me.  If I am making a mix with oats, I like to add honey and toast them slowly so that are a little sweet and crunchy.  Eating raw oats is not something I would recommend. 

Seeds- MUST!!!!- Sunflower, pumpkin, and any other kind that you might like.  Typically I get toasted and unsalted.
CHOCOLATE- yes I said chocolate.  That is not an error.  I like that little surprise ever once in a while.  It's a different sweet than the fruits.  Yes, there is a catch.  I buy the ones that are fruit sweetened.  I actually like them better.  You can find them in bulk at Earth Fare and Whole Foods.  They are so worth it. 

So, what I typically do is go to the store that sells all of this in a bulk section.  I get a scoop of this and a scoop of that.  Get home and dump all the bags into a giant bowl and stir it all up.  Then either put it in an air tight container or separate into smaller bags for snacking.  If I am doing the oats I would do the same except for the oats.  They get mixed with about 1/2 cup of honey for every pound to pound and a half of oats.  Spread onto a baking sheet and bake at 325 degrees for a total of 30-40 minutes but you MUST stir/toss every 10 minutes or the edges will burn.  It's a food-of-love thing.  Once it is COMPLETELY cooled, mix in with the other items and there you have it.  Not only is it good for snacking but throw some on top of yogurt in the morning, throw a handful into your salad or even a small handful into tuna or chicken salad ( you might want to pick out the chocolate....I don't, but you can).  It's just good!!!!!!!!

Try your hand at it and let me know what you put in yours.  You will just love it!!!!!

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Cindy H said...

I like plain pretzels and yogurt covered pretzels in it as well as animal crackers and goldfish. Some yogurt cheerios adds a sweet taste as well.