Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five

What have you fallen in LOVE with this week?

1. I LOVE this new logo I found.  It's the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon in the form of a runner.  I ran the Women's Only here in Greensboro one year and wrote someones name on it and gave it to her daughter.  2 years ago I ran in it and gave my number to Mama Jean.  This year I will run it for MY MOM and her name will be on my number!!!!!!!
2. I LOVE the Women Mentoring Women groups that have started at Cornerstone this year.  I can't wait to see all the women that are signed up and doing this.  I found out today there are a little over 50 members involved. Small groups.  Books to read. Journals to write. Prayer logs to watch the Lord answer.  HOW EXCITING!!!!!!

3. I LOVE to run in new places.  I'm always "clocking" different routes and looking for sidewalks to go and run.  A new race is coming so training has begun.  New places are always fun because it's a distraction!!!!

4. I LOVE Myrtle Beach.  Not only to I love the beach and time spent there is always special but they have a Full Marathon and a Half Marathon in February.  That is my goal at the moment, the half!!!!.  Long Term I should say.  There is something about running it early in the morning, usually very cool, and seeing the sun come up on the horizon.  You just have to experience it.  I also love the fact that Nick and Michelle are running this year!!!!!!

5.I LOVE Facebook.  Yes, we use it for a million different reasons.  I post silly things. I post quotes, scripture, Kaleb-quotes, and whatever pops in my head at times.  The other side of that is the fact that I can get on Facebook, and the "Friends" that I have, and post a prayer request, send a message to "Pray-ers" and know without a doubt they will be praying about whatever it is.  I also know that I can share excitement over answers to prayer and they jump in and encourage me.  That is what I LOVE about Facebook. 

So, these are my Friday Fives.  What have you fallen in LOVE with this week????

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