Friday, October 28, 2011

Writing Continued.....

Now before everyone starts having a fit...I am not quiting my job. I'm not even thinking it.  I just like to write.  I have a great friend named Peggy and another named Marsha that have always encouraged me to journal.  WRITE IT DOWN!!!  Well, that is what I do. I LOVE IT!!!!  Yes, and even some of my blog post are just an example of what you might find in my journal.  Sometimes things are a bit to personal so you won't find them here.  

What about life experience?  Have you experienced something in your life that you never saw coming? Something that shook you to your core and wondered "What in the world is happening?"  Oh, I have!!!!!  Life is not a bed a roses and He never promised us an easy life! He did promise that He would never leave or forsake us. He promised that He would walk through the fire and the flood with us. He would lift our chins as only He can. He would love us unconditionally!  So what have you experienced?  What is an experience where you can look back on it now and think "Praise Jesus, He brought me through and this is what He showed me and taught me."  Those are the things that we like to put on a mask and NEVER tell anyone about.  We go through life acting as if things are just wonderful and on the inside, we feel like we are totally drowning.  We would never take off that mask and be transparent!  Heaven forbid that we do such a thing!  Yet, most of the time, we have those close friends that would come along side and pray with us, direct us to the Word, encourage us and listen.  We all have those kinds of friends.  Some may have MANY and some may have just 1 or 2 but we have them.  We never know that if we would share, there may have been someone that has been there and can encourage us and we can see what the Lord did in their life. 

This is obviously turning into an entry so please allow me to share a couple of experiences that I have had.
-Adoption of "The Older Child"
-Being Obese
-Healing of hurts
-Financial Issues
-Surprise Pregnancy
-Father with Open Heart Surgery
-Mom diagnosed with Breast Cancer twice
-Loss of a job after almost 15 years with the same company
-Rebellious Child
-Friends diagnosed with "incurable" diseases
-Friends leaving for the mission field. Feeling lost without them.
Now, someone may look at such a list and think......Are you bragging?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!  I am making the point that I can stand on this side of these experiences and say PRAISE JESUS!!!!  LOOK WHAT HE BROUGHT ME THROUGH!!!!!!  Now, everyone that I go to church with probably knows most of this. Most that read this blog probably already know but some may not.  Yet, I know without a shadow of a doubt when someone is talking about one of these trials in there life, I can say "Yes, I understand, I have been there and I can pray from experience.  Let me tell you what He taught me...." 

Well, there you have it.  Now the question is for you.  What has He brought you through?  What did He teach you?  Are you still in the middle of it?  How can I pray for you?  For sure something for you to ponder today.  The comment section is open and unlimited.....feel free to share!!!!!!!  I would love to hear!!!!!

Thanks for pondering today!!!!!!
PS- My 10 Attitude of Gratitude are the experiences listed above!!!!


Anonymous said...

I came accross your blog and was immediately encouraged. I know that people go through things, but your list is very long and to see you now, it is amazing that you are still as sweet and optomistic as you are. God is good and your words will be used for His glory. I look forward to hearing more from your journey.


Lynn-Marie said...

Thank you so much for writing....:) I love to read what you write, you have no idea how many times your words have helped me.....God sooo works in wonderful ways...:)