Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here We Are Again!

Good Evening To All,

It was a beautiful weekend in Greensboro. Cool and crisp in the evening and gorgeous all day. It was fantastic. I felt that those of you following the blog may want an update on what all is going on. I first must confess to you that I am at the point of being completely and totally speechless. It has taken me a few days to process what all has happened in the last week and to be able to actually put it into words is difficult. If I ramble, please excuse me.

I shared with you in the last posting of my new client "Angel". I finally got to meet her face to face. I sat in total humility. I fought tears that were burning and stinging my eyes as she told me her story and what all was planned and how it was going to happen. I was in complete and total awe of her, her courage, her faith, her strength and yet at the same time, you could see the fear and the unknown underneath it all. That is about all I can share. I would just ask that you continue to pray for her. Pray for me and what I have been called to do in this situation. The word that keeps coming to mind is intense. Intense emotions, intense time, intense place. Pray for me to be just an extension of Him, His love, His touch and His grace. May she only see Him and not me.

When pursuing this new role, job, calling, or whatever maybe the right word to use, I knew that the Lord was in it. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that when I answered that He would do what He said. I had no clue what exactly that meant. As it stands at the present moment, this is what my potential calendar looks like. Hang on to your hats for this one.
November- 2 clients
December- 1 at present but as we know, He can change that if He wishes
January 3
February-1 and maybe another
March- 2
May-possibly one at the moment.
Please understand, I have not visited another office. I have not "publicised" myself. I haven't put out flyer except in one place. This is NOT anything that Pam has done. I have done NOTHING!!!!!! I obeyed and agreed to do what He wanted and He is blowing me away. There is something about obedience that brings blessing. Blessings that are so big sometimes that we don't have the words to describe how we feel or what we are thinking. They literally leave us speechless and that is where I am this evening.
There are other things that are happening that I am not at liberty to share at this moment but it is so clear that He is in it. I have seen Him work. I know that I know that I trust Him to provide me with whatever it is that I NEED. (please note I said NEED, not WANT) It takes a tremendous amount of faith to be here. My faith is stronger today than it was yesterday and tomorrow is another day for strength.

I have a couple of friends that have recently gone to the Ukraine as full time missionaries. Oh how I miss them. Since the time that I finally stopped running from being a Doula and watched Him work and allowed myself to surrender and stop trying to hide, I have often thought of them. We have been friends for years. It occurred to me the other day that people are watching. During our friendship, they have encouraged me, stretched me, pushed me and loved me through the messes I would find myself in and all the while, I could see that the Lord was using them. Not only in my life but in those around them, both here and in other parts of the world. The Lord called them, they answered and I have no doubt that they would tell you today that it's not easy but when He does, He supplies what is needed and He never leaves you. He is constantly growing us and changing us to be more and more like His Son. Every time I am at the hospital, whether it for a birth, a visit, or actually staying with a client, I have come to realize, people are watching. My ultimate goal....for them to see HIM in me. I watched 2 of my best friends grow and obey the call that Lord placed on their life. I'm praying that people see the call that He has placed on me and in my heart to serve these precious women in such a precious time in their lives. (Love you-Tim and Marsha)

Well, one of my clients is being admitted tonight and we will see what tomorrow holds. It's going to be a GREAT week. I can sense it already. My parents are coming to town on Tuesday and staying til Sunday. How exciting!!!! My little one will love it. I promise to post as soon as I have permission from Mom and Dad on the new little one this week.

Please continue to pray for me and this ministry. God is good!!!!


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