Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hello All,

Just wanted to keep you all posted. I went Thursday night and visited with our newest. Elizabeth is doing fine. She is spending sometime in the NICU. She has decided to eat from her bottle when she wants to and then just sleep when she chooses. They are working with her on trying to get her on a schedule. Deanna was to go home either yesterday (Friday) or this morning. I spoke with her yesterday and she was doing fine. They are just very concerned about their little one. The doctors have all told them that she is fine, she just needs to work on learning to eat. Please keep them in your prayers. I am not sure what the plan is for the next few days, but leaving the hospital and having to leave your baby is a very difficult thing to do. Pray for wisdom and strength for both Ken and Deanna. Elizabeth is gorgeous. I am hoping to have pictures very soon.

Still waiting on "Angel" and her little blessing. The doctors tried to "help" this past week but as of this evening, my cell phone has not rang. She is tired and just ready. If we don't have a little on by next week, Friday will be induction day. Of course we all know that can be a very long process. Please just continue to pray for her and for me as we head into this adventure together.

Friday was a bit scary. I received a call from the Mom of one of my clients that is due in January. She was in the car with her father going to Durham. If you live here in Greensboro, you know it was raining on Friday. Her mom called me on my way to work. She and her dad had been in a car accident. They were driving the families only car. They were somewhere on 85 but the Trooper couldn't say. I immediately called work and then called my husband and off to their house to pick her up. We went to Alamance first and then they informed us she would be at UNC Chapel Hill Trauma Center. Being in the medical field, my mind immediately went to the worse case scenarios. The only thing I kept thinking was, PRAY!!!! I texted in the waiting room and called to keep others informed. We had no idea what we would find when we got there. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! she only had some bumps and bruises, baby looked great, moving all over the place, she was doing great!!!!! I just wanted to shout. I loved on her and told her how glad I was that she was doing so well and that everything was going to be just fine. They kept her for a while but sent her home that afternoon. Her dad was fine, just bumps and bruises. Traveling to UNC we saw the car on the tow truck on the other side of the HWY. It was clear without a doubt that the Lord has His hand on them and His angels surrounding it. It was totaled!!!!!! I spoke with her today and she is doing fine. VERY sore of course but doing fine. Please keep them in your prayers as they sort through the paperwork and the insurance after an accident. That can be worse than the accident at times.

I was phoned from the Y about another client for January. This has been such a blessing and He just keeps blessing. Oh, I forgot to mention that I probably will have another for December. Is He good or WHAT!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be a bit of a stressful week this week but that will be just fine with me. Lots of exciting things. Tuesday morning, I have a meeting. I'll try to share more about later. Just be praying Tuesday morning about 7:30am. Tuesday afternoon, a meeting at the High School for our daughter to attend public high school full time. This is a huge step for her and for us as a family. If you know about her, you will understand. Wednesday we have court for her. I'm just praying that the Lord will have His way and what is best and needed for her will be the focus and the goal. Thursday at lunch, I get to meet a new client. Thursday evening is a meeting at the Y about being a Teen Mentor and better Doula. Then, if we don't have a baby by Friday, it will be induction time for "Angel". Yes, this is a busy week coming but He knows and He is in control. THANK HIM FOR THAT!!!!!!

My parents came in last Tuesday evening. It was great having them to come and visit. There is nothing like a "mom-and-dad-fix" and I was in great need of one. We will all be together for Thanksgiving this year. I can not wait for that. It will be great!!!!!!

Well, there is lots to do to be prepared for next week but things are changing a bit around the house. I have chosen to let Him take care of the week. Let Him take care of the schedule and if somethings don't get's really OK and life won't end. If we have clean clothes, food in the pantry, power and water, we are truly blessed. We so often take those simple things for granted. I have realized since committing to being a Doula for these women that I can not handle my schedule. I can't look at it without wanting to do the "Crazy Dance". It would be beyond anything that this mind can wrap around. There is just no way. Therefore, each morning is given up and then I walk in what He would have me to do. That is all that I can do and what He gives me the strength to do. WHAT FREEDOM!!!!!!

I need to go for now. Time to relax and actually maybe read and thumb through a magazine before I go to sleep. Thanksgiving is coming. What are you thankful for?
Try making a list. I'll work on one and maybe post it. Y'all can post yours in the comments. Share yours. I would love to see them. Sleep well and we will talk again soon.
Running in His Race,

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