Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angel's Story

First, I was given the privilege of sharing with you her name. Her name is Tiffany. She is an awesome mom of now 3 beautiful children. When I first met her, as I have shared in the past, I was humbled and overwhelmed. She had made a decision that I can not imagine having to make. I was asked to be there for her as her Doula, Professional Labor Coach, and I was amazed. Understand, I have not done a lot of deliveries and am no means an expert in this art yet. We had talked several times on the phone and had met in person this one particular time. Things were happening so fast that we really didn't have a lot of time and that is OK.
We met at the hospital last Friday morning for her induction. I had arranged to take the day off from work because I knew this could be VERY LONG or it could go VERY quick. We checked in and it was just the 2 of us. We talked, we chatted, we got to know the nurses, talked about just about anything. Then we found out alot about each other. She is a strong believer. She loves cooking and loves cookbooks. Well, as the Lord would see fit, guess what kind of magazines I had in my bag? Southern Living, Family Circle, Kraft Food and Family. We talked about food for hours. Now keep in mind, she is not eating a lot of, grape juice, broth, jello, well you get the picture....LOL.
The contractions started. It was great. She was doing wonderful. Back rubs, sitting on the birth ball, massage, tennis ball massage, her favorite lotion from Bath and Body works made the room smell GREAT!!!!!! As the evening progressed, it was getting more and more difficult. I tried things and did things that I wasn't sure were even helping her but I was doing everything I knew that I could do. Finally the epidural came. She was able to rest a bit. We watched TV, talked and planned holidays. She was going to West Va. to be with family for Thanksgiving. She was sooooo excited about that. The Midwife came in about 2am and said we were almost ready to have a baby. She would be back in an hour. She returned about 3am or so and things had gone in the opposite direction. Called in the doctor and found out we were headed for a C-Section. She was devastated. The tears started. I cried with her and just held her. It was not going the way she had planned. She wouldn't be able to go to W. Va., what was she going to do. Please keep in mind, we have had 1 visitor all day. Lots of phone calls but NO one!!!! We discussed that at length and she stated that most of the women where she was staying don't have anyone with them. I was heart broken. That will be another posting. We got ready for the OR. I got to go in with her. At 4:30am, Noah entered the world. 8 pounds and 13 ounces, a football player from day one. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! As I sat next to Tiffany and the tears just rolled. Not only down her cheeks but in the mask I was wearing. They handed him to me and I held him while she loved on him the best she could. I went to the nursery with him and took pictures while they measured, weighed and gave him his first bath. He was gorgeous
She finally made it to her room about 7:30am. All she kept saying was she didn't think she could do it. She wanted to keep him. At the same time, she felt that is what was being required of her and she didn't know what else to do. I got her settled in her room, and I came home to sleep about 9:30am. I had told her I would come and visit that evening and see how it was going. She wanted to see Kaleb and tell Bo thank you for letting me be there with her. It was precious. We visited and talked and we left. I could just sense that something was happening and things were changing but I couldn't say anything or put my finger on it. Sunday about 3pm I called her. There was so much excitement in her voice. Something was different. Her pastor and his wife had come by to see her. SIT DOWN FOR THIS PART..... they had taken up a love offering for her and the kids, there are also 2 people in the church that have offered to help her. One wants her and the kids to come and stay with them until she gets on her feet, the other runs an apartment complex and has offered her a place to live, RENT FREE for a period of time. On top of that she had spoken with her adoption counselor and told them that she wanted to keep her baby and her response was "I prayed for you this morning at church that you would make the right decision". I was blown away. I wanted to shout from the roof tops. I was soooo excited. I made it to see her that night. Little Noah dressed in the only outfit that she had purchased. He was just precious. We talked more and then her parents called. She had told them yet and was a little nervous about it. I stayed to offer support and when she got off the phone, she was thrilled. They were fine. She understands that this is going to be difficult and that there are a lot of fine details that have not been taken care of yet.

Bo had told me to invite her and the 2 little ones over for Thanksgiving if she was going to be in town. I went ready to tell her and discuss it with her when I called her on Tuesday morning. She was soooo excited. They were discharging her at Noon and her parents with her daughter were coming to get her and take her and Noah and Riley to West Virginia for Thanksgiving. She was anxious, excited and just overwhelmed. We talked for a little longer and she is going to call me when she gets back so we can catch up and see what the plans are.
I had the privilege of watching the Lord work. I watched Him move mountains, move money, move circumstances, move hearts, tender hearts that were hard and heal. Aren't you glad we serve a God like that!!!!! I told her about the blog and she said she would love for me to share and share her little man's pictures. He is just as handsome as ever.
Even in the midst of all the joy, please pray for the adoptive parents. I know this was difficult for them. Pray that the Lord would lead them to the child that He has picked out for them.
Please continue to pray for Tiffany, Noah and Riley and her daughter. This is going to be a hard road when they return but God is good. He will supply what they need. Praise the Lord. He is at work. We need to open our eyes and see Him working and join Him there!!!!!
Enough for tonight. The turkey is calling and I need some rest. Thanksgiving has a new meaning this year.
In Him Only,

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