Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am once again amazed at how He works.  Things have been at times totally overwhelming and wondering what else could happen. 
The last 2 weeks have brought on several issues that we didn't see coming.  Children, circumstances, fear, overwhelmed, questioning why, wondering if we had lost our mind and a million other thoughts.  I can honestly sit here and tell you that HE IS WORKING!  Even in the midst of the craziness that has happened, there was an underlying peace. An indescribable calm.  It was one moment at a time and seeing Him work, you can not help but just be amazed. 
He was not surprised.
He never left.
He loved me anyway.
He is in control.
He has a plan for us.
He is our strength.
He is our refuge.
He is my Heavenly Father.
He is my friend.
He is a GOD OF DETAIL!!!!

He is in the midst of all the details of this move. I am hoping that I can share more at a later date and really share with you what all HE has done!!!!!!!!

For now, I challenge you.  LOOK FOR HIM!!!  SEE what He is doing!!!  AMAZING!!!!!


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