Saturday, March 3, 2012

What A Morning!!!!!

To be honest I would have no clue where to even begin. Today was a day that was nothing shy of a miracle and the power of the Lord Himself. You see, Tonya and I have not been anywhere alone together in years! I really mean like over at least 6 years. If you know us, you know what we have all been through. Well, since we are expecting a Little One in April, she and I had arranged to get together and talk about needs and wants and what she was expecting.

I will be the first to tell you I was a bit nervous. I was somewhat overwhelmed at the thought but excited at the same time. We texted and planned. Today was the day. I had found out about a couple of consignment sales going on and we would need to go there first, then Babies R Us and of course, TARGET!

I picked her up and off we went. We talked about everyday things and we chatted about silly things. We even talked about how we all were feeling being Grandparents. It was absolutely amazing. Bo and Kaleb stopped in and said Hello while we were eating and then allowed us time to finish our shopping. We got some great deals on things she needed. We got a pack of diapers, wipes, lotion, baby wash and just odds and ends. We even found a bassinet for $12. We were both thrilled with that find!!!

We spent about 3hours together and both were tired. I took her to her place. She thanked me 100 times for her stuff and I left. I has been a long time coming! It's not perfect. It's not what I had envisioned 12 years ago but I will take it. To hear it come from her, and I quote...."I will do whatever I need, to provide for my baby" is Huge!!!!!!

To Him be The Glory!!!!!  Pondering His Goodness this evening.

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