Monday, February 27, 2012

Prayers and Praise

A post or 2 ago I mentioned my daughter Tonya was expecting a baby. She has been living in what I would call a boarding house. She has a room and then shares the living room and kitchen with the others in the house. We have been trying to encourage her to find a place. Her income of course is limited and it is such a process.

With a little one on the way she was becoming a bit more stressed over it. Well, today she called me. She as found a place. I'm so excitd I could bust. She goes on Thursday morning to go through the paperwork. Then she has an appt with the Salvation Army and qualifies for some free furniture. Praise God!!!!!!

I told her that I would get everyone I knew to be praying on Thursday morning. So, I'm asking, if you are reading this post, please pray for all to be approved and completed. This is a HUGE step for her!!!!!! So excited for her!!!! God will provide!

Thank you in advance for your prayers!!!!


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