Sunday, February 12, 2012


Things are going well.  We were struck with Stomach Bug this weekend.  It was rough but so very grateful that Little Man and Big Man (Kyle) did not get it.  It was one of those that just hits you and wears you completely out and makes you miserable.  It was rotten!!!!!!

Work is good.  I had written the other day about my experience on the Pediatric Unit.  I was so distressed over the whole elevator incident and wasn't sure who to talk to.  I decided to just go to the top and then see what would happen.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn't even sure if I would get a response.  I wrote my letter about my experience and guess what??? I got a response from the President of Cone Health.  I was totally impressed!!!!!!!  He agreed with me and has forwarded the letter to another person on the Cone Campus where I am at.  I was so grateful that at least he listened and acknowledged me.  It really helped me in trying to process that evening.  If anything will happen, I am not sure but I know I tried.  It was very encouraging. 

Can you believe summer will be here before you know it?  I'm amazed at how fast time flies.  It is just amazing.  Kaleb will actually start Kindergarten this year.  That will be a difficult day for sure but he is so excited!!!!!!  He will be going to Triad Baptist Academy.  That is something that I am so very grateful for.  They have helped him so much with letters and numbers and helping him to really get ready and being prepared for Kindergarten and we are just so very blessed. 

The idea of becoming a Grandma is sinking in a little bit.  At times it is so overwhelming but that is again where my 2 words for 2012 have to really kick in and realize that Desperate Dependence on Him is what is going to see me through and allow me to be what I need to be for her and for this little one.  Would really covet your prayers.  Hope you are doing well!!!!!!!  Please let me know what you are Desperately Depending on Him for so that we can pray for each other.....

Pondering and Praying,

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