Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sharing Moment

I hinted the other day that I was relieved to be able to share with some friends something that has been weighing heavy on my mind. Well, every prayer that could be said, it much needed and appreciated.

I am going to be a Grandma. Tonya is expecting a baby boy at the end of April. This was a bit of a surprise and we chose not to share for a while. When I was convicted and realized that carrying this alone was not what I was to do and was able to share with some on Facebook and e-mails, I felt as if a load had been lifted. Tonya would be the first to tell you that life since her adoption has not been easy. Times have been difficult and trying but we are in a place where they seem to be pretty good. True, it could all change in a flash.
Some days I do pretty good and leave the whole situation at the foot of the cross.
Some days I lay it down and then I pick it back up in my arrogance thinking I can handle it.
Some days I just choose to take it with me and try to figure out what and how I need to handle this.
Scripture clearly states that we are not to worry about tomorrow. That is my goal. Not to worry about tomorrow but just live in the here and the now. That is all that this human heart and mind can handle and the rest will come.
He is bigger!
He is good!
He doesn't make mistakes!
He is in control!
These are the things that I remind myself on a daily basis.
As we prepare for the arrival of this little boy, we would covet your prayers and your support.
Pondering His Goodness,

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Janet Ivey said...

Thank you for sharing this, Pam! I got tears in my eyes as I thought ,"Everyone is going through something..." I am so glad that I have strong Christian women in my life as mentors who show me HOW to go through these situations bravely and with a Christlike attitude. I know it is hard, but believe me, prayers do work to bring a prodigal family member back- and bring them back healed!! I am living proof of this, as my God not only delivered me, but healed a broken mind, body and spirit!
Thank you again for being so transparant, it helps me!