Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hard Night

Working in Flex at the hospital has its good points and not so good points. Working in a hospital has good points and not so good points. Tonight I arrived on the Peds unit. I like working here but we don't get used here a lot because Women's takes care of them. I walked in to find out that a precious 3 years old had passed and received his wings. My heart just sank. I was over-run with emotion. I have been on other units where we have had patients die. I handled it well. This was a 3 year old and I was just broken. About an hour and half later, I watched the funeral home come. The gentleman was very nice. He left the gurney at the door to the unit. Dad had asked to carry his son out and not to be put on the gurney. Everyone accommodated them. I looked up from my desk and this big strong Daddy walking down the hall with his precious little boy wrapped in a blue blanket with tears streaming down his face , surrounded by family that were trying so hard to be strong. I just lost it. I actually had to excuse my self to the restroom to get myself together. I wanted to run home and hold Kyle and Kaleb and at the same time, I was thanking the Lord for the healthy children that He has blessed me with. I don't know what exactly happened with this precious one but the Lord does. It was a moment I wont ever forget. I pray for them and the days ahead and learning to live without their Little Man. Hold them close. They are on loan to us!!!!!!

Pondering and praying,

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Ashley D said...

Today at my job I was checking out a woman and I saw her with a necklace on. It had a photo of a boy I recognized from High School. But I couldn't place the name. I mentioned it and it turned out it was a boy who died when we both were going to school.

I felt horrible and I struggled to find the words to say. There really isnt any words you can say in a moment like that.

This broke my heart. I really hope that they are doing ok. And that God gives them the strength to make it through.