Thursday, March 8, 2012


This past Sunday we had a sub in out Sunday School class. His name is Don. I have to be honest, I have known Don for a very long time. He has a heart for the Lord. Please hear me that I love our Sunday School teacher, Tom. Don did something that we do typically in class but with a twist.

Don said we were going to go verse by verse. I thought ok, well, we normally do that. He meant it literally. I mean we read verse one and pulled it apart. We would read the next and then the discussion would just erupt. It was just amazing. That is the way I like to study. One verse at a time. It was exciting to hear, talk, discuss, and hear what the Lord was doing in the room. It was powerful!!!!!! Someone even picked up on a portion written in first person and the other in 3rd person. It was amazing. As many times as I have read that portion, I have never noticed.

I was gently reminded once again that His Word is Alive and Active! It is powerful!!!!!
How do you study? Do you study verse by verse? One section at a time? It was an awesome Sunday!!!

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