Monday, December 20, 2010

WOW!!!!! What a week!!!!!!

What a week. There are no words to describe the week it has been and this week is more of the busy-time of the year.
Tuesday night I got a phone call from a "Mom" that I was working with. She and her husband are just awesome. They were going to try some natural induction methods. No more calls the rest of the night. Then Wednesday night I got a call that she maybe in some real labor. I grabbed my stuff and out the door. Nope, false alarm. I went home and so did she. Rest and just wait.
My Dad came into town and was helping my brother move. We all went out to dinner on Thursday evening to celebrate that he was now a homeowner. While at dinner the phone rang and I missed the call. We came home and checked the phone and realized I had missed it. I don't think I ever changed so fast in my life. Off to the hospital I went.
All is GREAT!!!!! An awesome family has been born. Can't wait for my postpartum visit later on this week. It's going to be great. Of course, if they give permission, I will share their story.

Saturday was a busy day, cleaning, shopping, going here and there. I met with a new possible client and had a delightful time. I received an e-mail later that they had chosen me to be their Doula. I was so excited. They are just an awesome couple. I can't wait.

Sunday was fabulous!!!! We taught our little one's in Sunday School and then off to lunch with some great friends. We have decided to do Kid-Swap for dinner/date nights once a month. Ashley and I work together so we can keep track. I am not sure who is more excited, me or her. It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!! We then went back to church for the Christmas Program. It was just amazing. They choir, the children, the soloist and the quartet. It was exactly what I needed.

Today is more just like it. Work, had a great meeting with Linda from Peaceful Beginnings and then more work and then off to meet another new client this evening. I can't wait!!!!! We have chatted before and talked on Facebook several times so we now get to meet each other face to face. Very exciting!!!!!!!!

I didn't realize it but my link to my other blog, "Doula Mama In The Kitchen"was missing with all of the recipes. I have re-posted it on the side if you would like to visit and become a "Follower". I would love to see you over there. Oh, and if you have something you would like to share, please send it and we will get it up!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great Monday and we will chat again tomorrow. So very excited. I have news to share!!!!!!!!!

Laboring and Celebrating Christmas With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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