Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Will Not Believe What I Did!!!!!!

If you know me at all or know anything about you, You should know that I do not eat red meat. A group of great friends, several years back, decided to go vegetarian. Of course that was kind of difficult at the time because everyone in the house loved MEAT!!! Well, we did it for a time and then we added back in chicken and fish. Eventually, we stopped and the problem was that I never went back to the red meat. I had taken myself off of it for such a time that when I tried, I couldn't do it. It killed my stomach. I couldn't stand to see it, smell it and heaven forbid I try to touch it to prepare it.
Over the years I have tried it every now and then and the same thing....my stomach just kills me afterwards. We eat A LOT of turkey burgers in our house. My oldest, Kyle, will NOT eat a turkey burger. So, this past Sunday, I made a run with the hubby to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I picked him up a pack of hamburgers. Real Red Meat in my refrigerator. You would have thought I had bought gold. I am not sure who was more excited, my husband or Kyle.
Last night, I had a meeting with a potential client so we got home late. We walked in the door to the smell of burgers being cooked on the stove by none other than Chef Kyle. He was so very excited. He even bought "real cheese" and "real buns" for the "real hamburgers". I have to admit, they did smell good. Of course Bo LOVED the smell. I told him that I would eat 1/2 of a burger. That was all I could do because I didn't want my stomach to be totally messed up. Kyle downed his and I think he and Bo were both in heaven!!!! I will admit, they were good. He had done a fantastic job.
So all of that being said....yes, I ate red meat last night and believe it or not.....my stomach is just fine. Thank you Kyle for a great dinner. You did a great job.!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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