Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Monday.......................

Well, I could sit here and whine. I mean REALLY whine about my weekend.
I could whine about
being sick all weekend,
having the aches so bad, that I thought I would cry if I moved
using a boat load of tissues
taking medicines that I don't like to take
drinking enough coffee and tea because it was the only thing that made my throat feel better
having a sick hubby that feel the same way I do.
having to come to work today and be 2 nurses short.

I choose rather to be as positive and thankful as possible for
-having medication to take
-being able to put up a Christmas Tree when the medicine kicked in
-watching Kaleb light up when the lights came on
-watching Kaleb rearrange the ornaments that are within reach that have a "hooker" on them.
-laughing every time he said that.
-that I have a job
-that they called a nurse from another office to help today
-that I have BSF this evening. Best part of a Monday

It's all about a choice.

On another topic, I have a friend that you know from previous post, Tara, also known as "Ta-Ta" from Kaleb's point of view. She lost her Father this past week and had his Celebration yesterday. We were unable to go because we were all sick. So she sent me a message on Face book and ask me to change her blog around a bit and update the background and stuff. Of course while praying for her yesterday morning I was just thanking the Lord that we have such a means of sharing and journaling on blogs and thought that she might need hers. It would be a good outlet of sorts over the coming weeks. He answered that prayer right away!!!!! I was so thankful. I had a blast changing it around this morning. Not sure if she has seen it yet or not or if she likes it. I hope so. This loss was a difficult loss, not just because it was her father but because of some other damage that had been done in the last years. Please just remember to be praying for her and her sweet family over the coming days. I am sure that she would covet your prayers.

Well, we really are short at work, so I had better get busy. A lot to do and very little time to do it in!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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Anonymous said...

Hey got your message. We would love for Kaleb to come over and spend the day next week or the week after Christmas. We definitely need to get together.