Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Good day!!!!!!! It's cold outside. It's cold inside. Snow is still on the ground. It's melting and I have a real love-hate relationship with the snow.
I love it falling.
I love it on the ground.
I love it when it's smooth and no footprints.
I love it on the trees.
I hate it when it melts because it may not be back for a while.
I hate it when it makes black ice.
I hate it when it hangs around in the shade around your car and you pray you don't fall getting in or out.
See what I mean?

Did you have a good Christmas? We sure did. It was a little strange because Bo had to go to work about hour and half before the turkey was done and didn't come home until the next night. It was just strange but good. Kaleb has more than he knows what to do with. Kyle got money and he was happy. Amber is home from college so that was most important.

I put away the Christmas light background and the new background is out.
What do you think? I am signed up to run a race in February with Ashley. Neither have run in probably 6 weeks. Time to get busy. I'm going to the gym tonight and we will see what happens. It may kill me but I'm not willing to give up and say forget it.

Thinking about this past year and the year to come.
What parts do I wish I could forget?
What parts do I treasure?
What parts do I remember the most?
There would be books to write. Most important is the fact that the Lord blessed me so very richly and for that I forever truly thankful. This coming year holds some new adventures. Of which I will share in the next BIG NEWS post!!! You do NOT want to miss it.!!!!!!!!

How was your Christmas?
Did you find a new favorite goodies to eat?
Remembering this year- what will you do different? What will you do the same?
Any new adventures for you this year? new goals?

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!
Doula Mama Pam

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