Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Delivery and the Results

Hi everyone,
It's Saturday. It was a wild ride the last few days. My first client was induced on Tuesday night and with absolutely no progress after multiple trials of everything in the book, a C-Section was done late yesterday evening. A beautiful little boy named Nate was welcomed into the world. He is such a precious little one. His Mom and Dad are just beaming. They are a very precious couple that I have had the privilege to get to know through being their Doula. As a Doula, I find that I have been invited into a very precious and intimate moment with a family. The birth of a child is so very precious. It can be a scary time for a first time Mom and it's exciting for the Mom that already has 1 or 2 or 3. Having a baby is not a time that you want everyone that you know and every family member there. All the more reason why I view this as such an honor and privilege that I can be there for the emotional support and the physical support of the Mother and assist the Fathers in being an active part in this precious time.
I would ask that you would pray for me in this adventure of being a Doula. I am finding that it is opening "doors" so to speak in all kinds of other areas. Lactation Consulting, Postpartum Doula's and Childbirth Educators. It's amazing that when you do what He has called you to do, He just keeps blessing and blessing you. It is just overwhelming at times.
Speaking of being in intimate places with family members and being with those that we love. Have we ever stopped and considered the fact that Christ is there with us? We are in His presence even when we don't really even think about it. Times when we are sitting with friends during a difficult time of losing a job, a marriage falling apart, a wayward child or even in the happy times of getting married or the birth of a child. Those are intimate times. Times that we are in His presence. He is right there with us. He invites us in those wee hours of the morning to come and sit with Him and talk. To communicate with Him. Those are intimate times. How precious they are and how often we take them for granted with our hurried wish list when we should be using that time to get to know Him more. There are times when we just need to sit in His presence and be quiet. Not say a word. That is difficult. There are also times when we sit with those that we love and not say a word, just be there. Aren't you thankful that scripture tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us? So, in the morning, when you are up before anyone else, preparing that cup of coffee, hot tea or opening that bottle of Pepsi (or Coke). Consider sitting down with His word and just reading. Be still and know. He wants those intimate, special times with His children.
Praise Him for another one of His children have arrived, safe, and healthy. He is our Creator.



Tasha B said...

What beautiful and encouraging words. It was a true blessing from God to have Pam as my Doula. Although, things didn't go at all as expected (do they ever?), Pam was definitely an angel sent from God to help me through the whole process of becoming a first time mom. Now that Nate is finally here, where I can hold him and gaze at his amazing head full of angel-white hair, I have discovered that I gained two family members instead of just one. Having Pam as my Doula was an amazing privelege and encouragement to me through many very uncertain and emotionally difficult days. Looking back, I would not have done this anyway other way. God blessed me dearly with a beautiful healthy baby and the chance to get to know a true sister in Christ a lot better. What more could I have asked for?

Anonymous said...

May the Lord be with you every step of the way. You have a good heart, Pam, and you give so much of yourself.

Dr D

Dr D said...

Pam, just remember who gave you your first bottle of lavender and coconut oil to use on your lucky patients.

Let your heart just flow through your hands and spirit. Calm and coach, and just be them. Be Jesus to the laboring mom. What do you think He would do and say in the birth room? We never saw that. We just saw him raise the dead. Praise His Holy name!

I just have one thing to offer...the power of human touch. It's all about her. If she needs it, do it for her. She will do no wrong that day, that beautiful day.