Friday, October 31, 2008

Healthy Baby and Healthy Mom

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!! I didn't ever think it was going to get here and what a week it has been. What a roller coaster. Ups, downs, flips, hills, valleys, you name it, I think I have experieced it. The week started off pretty rough but then just seemed to get better. Of course, there are always some bumps in the road but that is part of the life that we live. If life was perfect, we would have no need for a Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus.
I went to an appt on Thursday that was scheduled with my precious client that was past her due date. Her frustration level was a mile high. I left to go and meet her and her text came over,,,,,"I think my water broke!!". Praise the Lord! Let's have a baby. We went to the appt and went straight to the hospital.We stayed the rest of the afternoon and early this morning another precious child of His was brought into the world. Tears streaming down her face, she was so happy, so excited. I have to admit, as I stood by her side, completely exhauseted, I joined in the tears. It was so overwhelming. It is such an amazing experience to see, be apart of and know that He is OUR CREATOR!!!!!!! She is beautiful, healthy, happy little girl. Mom and Dad are of course, so happy to finally get to meet her and hold her.
Of course, the week had started VERY rocky and not really sure what was next in this Doula adventure. I know in my heart I am doing what He has asked of me. Keeping that in mind, the enemy LOVES to come after me. It can be in the simple things of "what if you passout?, what if i can take away all that you learned? what if the labor and delivery nurses think you are weird? what if her delivery takes an entire week? Let's just say, there are times, I do allow him a toe-hold but I am quick to realize where it is coming from and go running back to the one who Created this passion in me. I can praise Him because I have not passed out. I have remembered all that I have learned and still learning more every day. The L&D nurses at the hospital are THE BEST I have ever met. They are supportive and even though I have only been there 2 different times, they have filled out my certification reviews with the most encouraging words of affirmation. I can walk out of the hospital with my head heald high and boasting in Him the entire time. I am praying about a scripture to put on my buisness cards. If He shows you one that you think would be appropriate, please post it and share it.
Thank you so much for reading and keeping me in your prayers. They mean more than you know. Keep checking back, there are pictures coming of these precious little ones.

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