Monday, July 23, 2012

Brain Dump

We are having so much fun in our Sunday School Class at church.  We had 2 couple visiting this weekend.  It's exciting to see what the Lord is doing .  It is just amazing the difference it has made.  We had a social on Saturday night at one of the members home and it was so much fun!!!!!

We are studying the book of Acts and the start of the New Testament Church and it is so very exciting.  You can't help but not wanting to miss what we will be talking about on Sunday.  Our schedule is typically nuts.  We hit the ground running on Saturday morning and don't stop until Sunday night.  I have to say that even in the midst of the busy life, I wouldn't miss Sunday school for anything.  There is something new. There is something to share.  There is that Ah-Ha moment it seems every week. 

One of the thing that has amazed me is that how what we are talking about in Sunday school will roll over into the worship service.  Whether it is what Pastor Rick is preaching about or the worship songs that Dennis has chosen.  It is just nothing short of being powerful. 

We have started having a Contemporary Worship Service.  We have guitars, drums, singing, clapping, hand-raising and a sense of freedom in worship.  My love of contemporary Christian music and even the old gospel and old hymns, this is just perfect.  If for some reason, I am in need of the Traditional, that is an option.  It's interesting because when the Contemporary Service started, I really wanted to go to that particular service but Bo was more the Traditional and I agreed that would be fine.  I'm excited to say that he said on Sunday that he really likes the Contemporary.  I could have just shouted right there in the truck.  We love it!!!!!

We talked this past Sunday in Sunday school about being sold-out, in-tune, and listening to the Holy Spirit.  How sometimes we go off on our own little tangent.  Sometimes the Spirit will lead us to say something to someone and we don't say anything.  We just go about our way and we don't speak with boldness.  It really made me examine my life and my words and thoughts.  I realize that this post is a little choppy but I just needed to share it with you.  He is speaking and I have a choice.  I can listen and obey or I can listen and go another direction or worse, I can choose to ignore Him and think I can handle it.  I know what I am to do.  What about you?  Where are you at?


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