Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Heart Shared with Ben and Brittney

I have been knee deep in training and learning new computer programs for the hospital.  Training and training and more training to the point of dreaming about it.  Yesterday was a day I had been waiting for.  Ben and Brittney were scheduled to meet their little girl Lila Grace. 

They had arrived at the hospital a little after 6am.  I was actually still at work on third shift at the hospital.  I stopped in to see them before I left to go and take Kaleb to school, change clothes and head back to the hospital.  They were all smiles and ready to go.  Brittney of course looked as beautiful as ever and Ben was doing what Ben does.....working.....(that goes back to Parker's birth..haha).  I explained I would head home and be back in about an hour or so.  Nurses were getting everything settled.

I received a text that they broke her water and we would wait and see if Lila would do this on her own.  About an hour later, she had chosen to stay put.  Not going anywhere.  Her nurse, Jen, was awesome!!!!!  She came in and started the pitocin.  Brittney had done this before and we knew what was in store.  Brittney did what she had to do. Ben supported her in every aspect.  At times, I wondered if I should be there because they were so in-tune with each other.  It was just beautiful to watch.

We brought out the ball.  She bounced. She relaxed. She bounced. She relaxed.  It was her time. It was their time.  Lila was on her way.  We succeed at using the ball for a while.  The nurse even came in at one point while Brittney and Ben were in their zone and quietly stood the side of the room and said nothing.  Just stood there and watched.  It was amazing and I was so grateful and thankful for her respect for Brittney and Ben.  Brittney opted to get get checked and we were 6 cm and she had chosen an epidural this time.  They were just about waiting outside the door and it was placed so very quickly. 

I returned to the room and she was resting comfortably.  Jen, the nurse, was checking her BP and making sure she was comfortable.  Ben and Jen rolled her on her side.  She was resting for about 5 minutes and then I saw that look.  That look on a Mom's face that says...."Oh something big just changed".  Pressure.  LOTS OF PRESSURE!!!!  We let Jen know and sure enough.  IT WAS TIME!!!!  We called family and texted family.  Lila Grace was on her way. 

Lila Grace- 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long- Pure Blessing

For Ben and Brittney- There are no words on this planet that can thank you enough for the joy and privilege of being allowed to be present for the birth of ALL 3 of your children.  I am so very richly and truly blessed.  Even though, I am not able to attend deliveries like I have the past 3 years, this was an amazing way to close out my career.  I will forever be grateful!!!!!!  I wish you all of the best and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your beautiful family!!!!! 

Labor and Love,

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