Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I stand amazed. At this time, there are days when in my prayer time, I can't utter a word. They just seem so inadequate. I just sit there. Incredible!

They always say that when you look back, you can see where He was working.  I was pondering that the other day and thought I would share them.  Let me show you my Jesus at work.....

I had applied 2 times to get on a "home-unit" at work and didn't get either one.
I had not registered for my run in October. Every time I say down to do it, something would come up.
I had not made it to the school for Kaleb's final paperwork.
Due to our schedule, Kaleb was not going to be able to attend Triad Christian Academy like we had planned.
I hadn't registered for the 5K with the hospital.
I was going to participate in a Holiday Show at the hospital but for whatever reason couldn't seem to get the paper work to get signed up.

Looking back, it was Him.  He was in control.  He was paving the way.  He was clearing the road and taking care of my schedule when I didn't even know it.  He did the same thing last year with school.  Oh, if I would just wake up, see Him and His plan, I would not have nearly the worries. 

He is amazing!  I love Him!  I cant wait to see whats next!!!


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