Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lord Moves-Follow

Well, we went to Mississippi.  We followed what He asked for us to do.  We talked. We prayed. We waited.  The waiting just taught us to trust and lean. 
Today was the day.
Today was the answer.
Today the call came.
Today the papers came.
We are going to Mississippi.
I still can't believe I am writing this. 
I don't know of a time since the day Kaleb was born that I have seen my husband bouncing off the wall.  It has been incredible. Confirmation and confirmation and more confirmation have been given.  We are a bit overwhelmed at what all has to happen in the next few weeks. 

God is good. We are excited. We look forward to having a lot of you to come and visit. There is absolutely NOTHING that we have done. We give this all to Him!!!!  We are excited to see what He has for us to do.  WOW!!!!!


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