Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Are Still Here!!!!!

Hello Friends and Family,

Just wanted to give you a "quick" update on what all is going on around here. Life seems to be moving at a pace that I can't keep up with but He allows me to thru His strength.
1- We have a new little girl that was born on 3/13/09. She is beautiful. Her name is Jayden and she is just a sweet addition to her wonderful Mom and Dad, Erica and Jay. She is dealing with some difficulties that the doctors can't seem to figure out at this point. She had been transferred to a local children's hospital. Mom said this morning that she is doing great and all test are negative so far. I will keep you posted and double check with Mom about posting some of her pictures.
2- I went and paid a visit to another baby and her mom the other day. She is gorgeous. A head full of hear and the sweetest expressions. Mom is so happy and so proud of her baby. I will check with her one more time to make sure it is OK for me to post her pictures.
3- I have 2 VERY precious Mom's that are due very soon. One is post-dates already and the other is due in the next week or so. They have both made the choice to put their babies up for adoption. I am amazed and humbled every time I get the opportunity to chat with them. They just blow me away with the choice they made and how well they are doing. They have their deliveries planned of how they want things to go and they are set. I seriously doubt I will post their pictures but I maybe able to just post pics of the baby without names or details. I will ask.
4-Kyle (my oldest) The pride that I feel for this young man just makes my heart want to bust. He is finishing up 2 years at the local community college with a Certificate in Graphic Design and Photography. He is then transferring to another community college to get a degree in photography. He is taking pictures of cars, sports and has even been asked to shoot a wedding. One of his pictures actually went in a car magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pride is just oozing out of me!!!!!!! It's called Import Tuner Magazine. His picture is on the last page and of course you know they save the best for last!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!
5-Kaleb (my youngest) He amazes me every day. There is not a day that goes by that he does not just blow me away with new words, walking backwards, pointing and showing me the planes in the sky and the worm crawling in the puddle or even stomping in the puddle. I hold him tight because before I can blink, he will be the age of my oldest.
6-Tonya (my middle). The Lord has a way of doing things HIS way and not always the way that we think that HE should. The plan was that she was going to stay in jail until the 31st. Well, that didn't happen. Her group home came back to the table and agreed to take her back. Every home and facility that we had looked at was at least a 2-6 month wait. That meant she would come home with us on March 31st. Through a lot of discussion, I mean a lot, we made the decision to sign her out of jail, return to her group home and go to court on March 31st. At that point it will the judges call as to what happens next. She has been dis-enrolled from her high school and will be going to the community college to get her GED!!!!!!! She has changed quit a bit and yet somethings still remain. Therapy and meds will continue and we will follow through with each minute, hour and day that comes. Please keep us in your prayers.

Well, there is the update. Sorry it was so long. I have much more to share but really need to get my thoughts together. Thank you for keeping up with us and following the blog. We would love to hear from you!!!!!!!

In Him,
Doula Mama

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